How To Make Your Own E-Liquid

Emma Rowlands
How To Make Your Own E-Liquid

E-liquids are available in their thousands. There is no shortage of blends, flavour or strengths on the vaping market. But did you know that it is possible to make your own e-liquid, at home, with the most basic and easily obtained ingredients? We are going to show you how to produce a winning e-liquid that suits your individual vaping taste and preferences. 

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid can sometimes be known as vaping juice or e-juice, and refers to the liquid that is poured into a vaping kit. The e-liquid works in harmony with a component called a coil, and is heated up to the point of vaporising. It is this vapour that is then inhaled via the vape’s mouthpiece. 

Which devices need e-liquid?

Every vape kit will require e-liquid to function. Without it, there is no vapour. But some vape kits come pre-filled with e-liquid, and others require you to buy this yourself and fill the tank manually. 

Disposable vape kits come with e-liquid already inside, and it will not be possible to open the device to change the liquid. Disposable vapes are a great option for beginners, or those transitioning away from cigarettes. 

Refillable tanks / vape pods are devices that are used over and over again with interchangeable e-liquids and coils. It is in this instance you would need to buy e-liquids to top up your tank whenever it gets low. 

What’s In An E-Liquid?

E-liquids consist of several very basic, safe and common ingredients, which includes flavouring, VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) and nicotine (optional). It is easy to find these ingredients online and straightforward to create your own blends. In some cases, you will also find CBD in an e-liquid, but for the sake of this article we will stick to nicotine based e-liquids. 

How To Make An E-Liquid?

Before we talk about the steps needed to make an e-liquid at home, it’s useful to know why this is needed at all. What are the benefits of creating your own? Here are a few:

  1. You can stay in control of your VG and PG levels. The VG and PG levels in your vape juice alter your vaping experience. PG is a thinner liquid that transports flavour well. It also gives the inhaler a noticeable throat hit (the sensation of the vapour hitting the back of the throat). VG is a thicker liquid that creates significant vaping clouds and has a smoother and softer throat hit. Both these liquids can be purchased in large quantities because they do not contain nicotine and therefore there is no ‘upper limit’ to how much can be legally purchased at once. When you create your own e-liquid you stay in control of how much VG and PG goes into the blend. Most people enjoy a 50/50 blend but some prefer higher or lower doses or PG/VG. 
  2. It could work out cheaper to buy bulk VG and PG, and create multiple bottles of e-liquid at home, than to purchase each individual e-liquid separately. 
  3. You can get creative and make your own flavour blends! While there are thousands on the market, there’s no reason you can’t create your very own brand of e-liquid. 
  4. You can control your nicotine levels. When you buy e-liquid, you are restricted to buying no more than 20mg of nicotine per product. You can also buy 15mg and 10mg. Some people prefer custom levels of nicotine. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can lower the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid by small amounts until you get down to 0mg. 

So, how is it done?

Step 1: You need some equipment. 

  1. VG liquid and PG liquid
  2. Vape juice flavour concentrates
  3. Nicotine salts
  4. A syringe / pipette
  5. Measuring jugs
  6. E-liquid empty bottles
  7. Gloves
  8. A vape juice calculator

Step 2: Open your vape juice calculator

You need to know how much of everything you are putting into your e-liquid. If you want a smooth throat hit and big clouds, you need to add more VG than PG. The opposite is true if you want a strong throat hit and intense flavour. Think also about how much nicotine you are looking to add. Use the calculator to determine how much of each product you must blend. 

Step 3: Get mixing

Put on your gloves and use the syringes and measuring cups to add your PG and VG together first. Then add in your flavouring. Use the calculator as a basis of your blending. 

Step 4: Add nicotine

Care must be taken at this stage as nicotine is powerful and in the wrong quantities can cause sickness and even poisoning. Remember the strength of your vape juice is determined not only by the strength of the nicotine shot but how much vape juice it is going into. 

Step 5: Bottle it and wait

Pop your final mixture into the e–liquid bottles and store in a cool dark place for 4-5 days. Yes, that’s right! This mixture needs time to brew properly before you can vape it. Once it’s ready, pour it into your tank and enjoy! There will be a few lessons along the way, and practise makes perfect, but once you find your ideal blend, the effort will be worth it.

Get Vaping

Vaping is fun, easy and safe, and making your own e-liquid can bring much creativity and customisation to the process. Not every vaper likes the pre-made options on the market, so a DIY version can be ideal for those with more niche tastes. 

As a top tip - It’s easy to make your own vape juice, but even easier if you use shortfills (pre mixed VG, PG and flavouring) and add in your own nicotine salts - a much quicker and easier way of creating your own concoctions. You can check out our range of shortfills here

Need help? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us any questions you have about vaping, or any of our wholesale vape kits, shortfills, nicotine salts and e-liquids. 

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