Wholesale Shishas & Accessories

With the growing popularity of shisha pipes in the UK, the need for high-quality shisha accessories has never been greater. Whether shisha pipes are used at home or in shisha bars, your customers will need a regular source of supplies to be able to use them properly, and we’re pleased to be able to provide you with all the supplies you need.

At JM Wholesale you will find accessories for all your customer’s shisha needs. From shisha foil papers and charcoal to mouth tips and replacement hoses, we have everything the shisha pipe user requires.

There is no minimum order value on shisha supplies or anything else at JM Wholesale. And don’t forget to check out our dropshipping platform for the most convenient way to sell all of our supplies without having to restock.

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Large Glass Metal Shisha Stem - Assorted Colours

Replacement Large Sized Stem for Shisha- Various colours (randomly chosen)- Available as Two and ...

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Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe

Introducing the Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe, an intricately designed hookah th...

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Shisha Hookah Charcoal Stainless Steel Clipper Tong

- Charcoal Clipper Tong- Made From High-Quality Material- Large: 15cm (Approx), - Medium: 10-15cm...

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Khalil Mamoon Shisha Glass Replacement Base

- Classic Khalil Mamoon Hookah Vase design- Glass- Large- Will fit all Large Egyptian Hookahs wit...

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Charcoal Metal Pan Tray Chimney Head Pot Holder

- Material: Stainless Steel- Charcoal Metal Pan Tray Chimney head pot Holder- Color: Silver- Weig...

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Silicone Funnel Shisha Head Bowl
  • -44%

Silicone Funnel Shisha Head Bowl

- Silicone Funnel Head Shisha Bowl - It is specially designed to allow the flavour to pool in the...

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Khalil Maamoon Large Printed Clay Funnel Head Shisha Bowl

- Egyptian Hand-Made  Khalil Maamoon Funnel Head  - Clay Bowl Shisha For Khalil Maamoon or any ot...

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JadeBird Shisha Hookah Silver Charcoal (60 pieces)

- Quick lighting - Silver Charcoal - Long lasting charcoal - Suitable for all shisha types - Easy...

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JadeBird Shisha Hookah Silver Charcoal (30 pieces)

- Quick lighting - Silver Charcoal - Long lasting charcoal - Suitable for all shisha types - Easy...

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Original Khalil Mamoon 32" Extra Large Black Shafeef Shisha

ÔĽŅA stylishly designed hookah set from the world-renowned Khalil Mamoon. - Cafe Style Hookah -¬†Ori...

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Medium 1 Hose Shisha Hookah - Assorted Colours (#3)

A medium single hose hookah set - Various colours (randomly chosen) - Designs May Vary - Comes wi...

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Original Khalil Mamoon 28" Large Cafe Style Shisha

This large hookah set from the world-renowned Khalil Mamoon is the perfect product for UK shisha ...

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Large 1 Hose Shisha Hookah - Assorted Colours

A large single hose hookah set - Various colours (randomly chosen) - Comes with metal tongs and t...

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Khalil Maamoon Medium Clay Funnel Head Shisha Bowl

- Egyptian Hand-Made Khalil Maamoon Funnel Head - Clay Bowl Shisha For Khalil Maamoon or any othe...

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6 x Small Single Hose Shisha Hookah - A6

A small single hose hookah set- Various colours (randomly chosen)- Comes with metal tongs and tra...

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Medium Silicone Plastic Single Hose Shisha Hookah - GS0981 (#6)

A medium single hose hookah set.- Various colours (randomly chosen)- Comes with metal tongs and t...

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Large 2 Hose Shisha Hookah - Assorted Colours

A large double hose hookah set - Various colours (randomly chosen) - Comes with metal tongs and t...

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Helwacoal Pure Natural Charcoal Cube For Shisha Hookah - 1KG

- Quick lighting- Long-lasting and non-ventilated- 100% Natural Charcoal- Suitable for all shisha...

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E-Lux Shisha Glass Kit Bundle ( Contains x5 Kits )

This bundle contains five Shisha Kits in one. Singles not sold seperately.  This exquisite E-Lux ...

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E-Lux Shishsa Multicoloured Mouthpieces 50PCS

This package includes 50 multicoloured plastic tip mouthpieces that are used with our E-Lux Shish...

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Mera Shisha Instant Light Charcoal Tablets (80 Pieces)

- Instant Lighting Around 10 Secs- Diameter: 33mm- Odourless & Disc Shaped- Smoke Free- Long ...

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Three Kings Shisha Charcoal Briquets For Hookah - (100 Pieces)

- Quick lighting- Made from 100% European Beech Wood- Lasts Between 50-60 Mins- Diameter: 35mm- O...

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Khalil Maamoon Shisha Syrian Replacement Hose - Avg. Length 185cm

Universal fit hoses for most Khalil Maamoon Shisha and Standard hookah types - Brown Colour - 185...

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E-Lux Shisha E-Head

The E-Lux E-Head is the perfect alternative to a traditional shisha. This portable E-Head can be ...

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E-Lux Shisha Cartomiser bundle ( Contains 5 Units )

This product is not sold separately, bundles of five only! Experience the ultimate luxury of the ...

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Medium Single Pipe Shisha Hookah - B17

A medium single pipe hookah set- Various colours (randomly chosen)- Comes with metal tongs and tr...

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What are our top Wholesale Shisha Accessories?

Shishas can vary in complexity, from easy-to-use table top devices, to complex multi-chamber hookahs. Similarly, there are plenty of accessories and additions that can make the shisha experience a real joy. Here's just a few of the wholesale shisha accessories we sell. 


Shisha hoses are essential for drawing the smoke from the hookah. They come in various materials like leather, silicone, or plastic, and lengths to suit different preferences. Some hoses are washable, allowing for easy maintenance, while others are designed for single flavors to avoid mixing tastes. Selecting the right hose can significantly impact the overall smoking experience.


Bowls hold the Shisha tobacco and come in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as clay, ceramic, or silicone. The type of bowl you choose can affect the heat distribution and, consequently, the flavor of the Shisha. Some specialised bowls are designed to hold both tobacco and charcoal, offering an all-in-one solution.

Charcoal Trays

Charcoal trays are vital for catching the ash that falls from the burning charcoal. They're usually made of metal and are placed beneath the bowl. Having a tray that fits well and is easy to clean can make the Shisha experience more enjoyable and less messy.

Charcoal Screens or Foils

Charcoal screens and foils act as a barrier between the charcoal and the Shisha tobacco, preventing direct contact. Screens are typically metal and reusable, while foils are disposable aluminum sheets. Using these barriers ensures even heat distribution and avoids burning the tobacco.

Charcoal Tongs

Charcoal tongs are tools used to handle hot charcoal. They provide safety and precision when placing or adjusting charcoal on the bowl. Tongs often come with a pointy end to assist in poking holes in the foil, serving a dual purpose.

Charcoal Burners

Charcoal burners are specially designed devices to ignite the charcoal used in Shisha. They offer a safer and more efficient way to light charcoal compared to traditional methods, ensuring the charcoal is evenly lit and ready to use.

Mouth Tips

Mouth tips are used for hygiene, especially when sharing the hookah with others. They come in disposable and reusable forms and various materials and designs. By using individual mouth tips, smokers can ensure a sanitary smoking experience.


Grommets are small rubber seals used to ensure airtight connections between various parts of the hookah, such as the bowl and stem or hose and port. Having the right size and type of grommet is crucial to prevent air leaks and maintain optimal smoke flow.

Glass Bases

Glass bases hold the water that the smoke passes through, cooling and filtering it. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for both functional customisation and aesthetic appeal. The amount and temperature of the water can also be adjusted to influence the smoking experience.


Stems are the central body of the hookah, connecting all parts. They are usually made of metals like stainless steel, brass, or aluminum and come in various designs. The quality and construction of the stem can significantly affect the durability and performance of the hookah.


Valves are designed to clear stale smoke from the glass base. Some hookahs come with built-in purge valves, while others allow for aftermarket additions. Using a valve ensures that every draw is fresh and flavorful.

Wind Covers

Wind covers protect the charcoal from wind when smoking outdoors and help conserve heat. By maintaining a consistent temperature, wind covers can prolong the life of the charcoal and enhance the flavour of the Shisha.

Heat Management Devices

Heat management devices are modern accessories that control the heat from the charcoals, replacing traditional foils or screens. They allow for precise temperature adjustments, leading to a more consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning brushes are designed to clean the interior of stems and hoses. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent residue build-up and ensure a clean and flavorful smoke. Brushes come in various sizes to fit different parts of the hookah.

Flavour Savers

Flavour savers are metal devices that elevate the charcoal slightly above the foil, reducing direct heat and harshness. They are excellent for those who prefer a milder smoking experience without compromising on flavour.


Diffusers attach to the bottom of the stem, breaking down the smoke bubbles into smaller ones. This makes the draw smoother, quieter, and more enjoyable. They are an excellent addition for those looking for a more refined smoking experience.

Hose Adapters

Hose adapters allow additional hoses to be attached to the hookah, facilitating group smoking. They come in various styles and materials and can be added to most traditional hookahs, turning a single-hose hookah into a multi-hose one.

Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are used for transporting or storing the hookah and its accessories. They come in different sizes, designs, and materials, offering protection and convenience, especially for those who often travel with their hookah.

Shisha Tobacco Containers

Shisha tobacco containers are designed to keep Shisha fresh by offering an airtight seal. Storing Shisha in these containers helps retain moisture and flavour, prolonging its shelf life.

Pre-Punched Foil

Pre-punched foils are ready-to-use aluminium sheets with holes, eliminating the need to manually punch them. They offer convenience and consistency in hole size and pattern, contributing to an even heat distribution.

LED Lights

LED lights can be added to the glass base to provide aesthetic illumination. They come with various colour options and modes, adding a visually pleasing element to the Shisha experience.

Hookah Filters

Hookah filters can be added to the hose to absorb some of the nicotine and impurities, offering a milder and cleaner smoke. They are especially popular among health-conscious smokers.

Ice Hose Tips

Ice hose tips are filled with a gel that can be frozen and then added to the hose for a cooler smoke. They provide a refreshing and unique twist to the traditional Shisha experience.

Airflow Regulators

Airflow regulators allow users to adjust the draw resistance, customising the smoking experience to individual preferences. Whether you prefer a tighter or more relaxed draw, regulators offer the control you need.

Molasses Catchers

Molasses catchers prevent excess Shisha juice from entering the vase, keeping it clean and ensuring that the flavour is not diluted. They are handy for those who want to maintain a pure and intense flavor throughout the session

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