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Many people are now using CBD jelly for a range of purposes. It provides another way to enjoy CBD, and it is often used for vaping. The best CBD jelly is pure and natural, and that’s what we sell at JM Wholesale - make sure you only provide your customers with the best.

Choose from a selection of 1g packs that contain between 20% and 22% CBD content. You will find strawberry, lemon, mango, blueberry and other delicious flavours made from top manufacturers including Plant of Life and CBD LAB. These natural products are a high concentrate CBD extract with very low THC content.

There is no minimum order value when you order your wholesale CBD Jelly at JM Wholesale, so complete your order on the website today. You may also be interested in our dropshipping platform, which is the easiest way to sell all of our high-quality products all year round.

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Plant Of Life Strains Jelly 22% CBD 1g - OG Kush
  • -14%

Plant Of Life Strains Jelly 22% CBD 1g - OG Kush

Plant Of Life CBD Jelly 22% is a high grade extraction of Cannabidiol manufactured from organical...

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Wholesale CBD Jelly Q & A

What is CBD Jelly?

CBD (cannabidiol) Jelly is a natural concentrate which is derived from the hemp plant. It is one of dozens of cannabinoids found in hemp. It can be used in vaporisers, as oils, in capsules, in edibles and as a skin treatment. It can be taken in small doses on its own or mixed with food.

Is CBD Jelly suitable for vaping?

CBD Jelly can be used as an alternative to e-liquids in most vaping devices. It has a high CBD content of which makes it ideal for vaping.

Does CBD Jelly make you high?

The main psychoactive compound in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but the THC content in CBD Jelly is less than 0.2% so although it has been claimed to work as a relaxant it will not produce any kind of psychoactive 'high'.

Is it legal to sell CBD Jelly in the UK?

It is now legal to sell within the UK any CBD products including cannabis jellies that are processed abroad, provided that they contain no more than 1mg of THC per container, whatever its size.

Are there different strengths of CBD Jelly?

Yes, CBD Jelly is usually classified into two strengths: 18-22% and 33%, but whatever the strength, the THC will always be 1mg or lower even in a small quantity of CBD Jelly.

Can CBD Jelly be produced in the UK?

To grow hemp in the UK instead of importing it, you will need to obtain a licence from the Home Office. Apart from basic information about your operation, you will need to specify the seed type and level of THC content. 

Do wholesalers and retailers need a licence to sell CBD Jelly?

You do not need a licence to sell CBD Jelly wholesale or retail in the UK. However, it cannot be sold as a medicinal substance, only as a food supplement or for recreational use. See our article on the 2020 CBD rules on novel foods classification for more info.

What does CBD Jelly taste like in vaping?

CBD has a naturally occurring flavour that has been described as grassy, which some users find off-putting. CBD Jelly for use in vaping devices can be flavoured just like any other e-liquid so this underlying flavour will be masked.

How should I store my stock of CBD Jelly?

It is best to keep it stored upright at a constant temperature in a cool, dark place, but avoid extremely low temperatures as much as high ones.

How long can I keep my stock of CBD Jelly before it passes its use-by date?

The shelf life of any CBD product, including jelly, is heavily dependent on the method of its extraction. The most frequently used method is with CO2, which produces the most stable compounds and will cause the resultant product to last longer without degrading. For this reason, it's important to avoid products created by solvent extraction. Good quality CBD Jelly, properly stored, should last for up to two years.

See our article on the shelf life of CBD products for a more in-depth guide.

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