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Cotton is the perfect wicking material for vapes, it’s low cost, easy to use and has a natural taste. Your vape customers have most likely experimented with other types of material only to keep coming back to cotton. Users of rebuildables such as RDAs and RTAs will thank you for stocking our range.

Our huge range of wholesale cotton wicks includes supplies from top brands such as Vandy Vape, Cotton Bacon and Thirsty Organic Cotton. Your customers will thank you for offering packs of cotton specifically designed for wicking.

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Swag Supreme Premium Cotton Fibre - 1M
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Swag Supreme Premium Cotton Fibre - 1M

Designed by vapers for vapers, this 1M long Swag Supreme Premium Cotton Fibre is a nice accessory...

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History of Cotton in Vaping: A Material Making Waves

When we think of vaping, we conjure up images of sleek devices and billowing clouds. But behind this smooth veil of vapor is an unassuming yet vital component - cotton. Over time, cotton's role in the vaping industry has evolved, becoming an indispensable part of the vaping experience. In this article, we'll unravel the history of cotton in vaping, tracing its journey from a simple agricultural product to a high-tech vaping essential.


Let's rewind to the initial development of e-cigarettes. Conceived as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, these devices functioned on a simple principle: a liquid (e-liquid) heated to produce a vapor, which the user then inhaled. This seemingly simple process required a crucial component that could efficiently absorb and heat the e-liquid - a role fulfilled by the wick. In the early days, silica was the popular choice for wicks due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and its chemical inertness. However, the vaping community soon began to experiment with different materials in their pursuit of enhanced flavor and vapor production.

Cotton’s introduction into the vaping industry dates back to the mid-2000s, but it wasn't until 2011, when the rebuildable atomizers (RBAs) gained popularity, that cotton wicking began its ascendance. RBAs provided vapers the flexibility to customize their wicking material, opening the door for alternatives like cotton.

Why Cotton? To start, it’s an abundant, renewable, and cost-effective resource. But beyond its availability, cotton possesses properties that make it ideal for wicking. Cotton fibers are excellent at capillary action, the process of drawing e-liquid up to the coil for heating. Moreover, cotton can retain a substantial amount of liquid relative to its size, an attribute known as its absorbency ratio. This combination of capillary action and high absorbency means cotton wicks can deliver a consistent, flavorful, and dense vapor - a triple win for vapers.

Cotton's initial surge in popularity, however, was not without controversy. Vapers raised concerns about the potential presence of chemicals and pesticides used in cotton cultivation, which could inadvertently be inhaled during vaping. In response to these concerns, organic and untreated cotton became the gold standard for vapers. This evolution emphasized the necessity for a product that was not just performance-enhancing but also safe for users.

Over time, companies began offering pre-cut, easy-to-use cotton wicking materials, signaling a shift from DIY to consumer convenience. The demand for high-quality, pre-packaged cotton soared, leading to the development of 'vaping cotton.' This term denotes cotton explicitly cultivated and processed for vaping, often boasting no chemical treatment, high absorbency, and excellent heat resistance.

One significant milestone in cotton wicking is the emergence of Japanese organic cotton (JOC) around 2014. Recognized for its purity, quality, and consistency, JOC became a beloved choice among vapers. Its unbleached, untreated nature, coupled with the unique 'square pad' form factor, won over vapers, setting a new standard in the vaping cotton industry.

The vape industry has also seen the rise of 'Cotton Bacon' around the same time. Marketed as the first cotton wick designed by vapers for vapers, Cotton Bacon distinguished itself by delivering superb flavor, easy handling, and longevity. Over the years, it has continued to innovate, bringing forth versions with improved taste neutrality, absorption, and ease of use.

Beyond Japanese Organic Cotton and Cotton Bacon, companies have experimented with different cotton strains and processing methods, continually seeking the 'perfect wick.' Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, and American Pima cotton, among others

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