Wholesale Lost Mary Disposable Vapes

Lost Mary is a variant of Elf Bar disposable vape device, which has gained immense popularity in the UK. Its user-friendly design and convenience have made it a preferred choice for countless vaping enthusiasts and newcomers. Every week, hundreds of thousands of Lost Mary devices are sold, making it one of the most sought-after vape devices in the market.

Elf Bar's Lost Mary disposable offers a hassle-free vaping experience, as it requires no assembly or maintenance. With its compact and lightweight design, it can easily fit into pockets, making it perfect for vaping on-the-go (No more bulky mods!). Its compact ergonomic mouthpiece ensures comfortable vaping, and a high-quality battery ensures long-lasting and consistent vaping.

Watermelon, Triple Mango and Grape are just a few of the popular flavours which Lost Mary fans love. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or tobacco flavours, the Lost Mary has a variety of options to choose from, with over 20 flavours to choose.

Elf's Lost Mary devices have eye-catching, colourful gradient designs that make them stand out from other disposable vapes. Unlike other disposable vapes that have plain or dull colours, Lost Mary vape devices have a vibrant design that showcases their personality. They have a distinctive pebble shape and overt style that sets them apart from similar devices, while reflecting their quality and flavour.

There are three Lost Mary models: BM600, AM600, and QM600. They are all disposable vape devices that have similar features such as 2ml e-liquid capacity, 20mg nicotine salt strength, and 600 puffs per device. The main difference is their shape and design. The BM600 is a bottle-shaped device that fits comfortably in the hand. The AM600 is a slim and sleek device that resembles a pen. The QM600 is a flat and compact device that can easily fit in a pocket.

Lost Mary vapes are often faked because of their popularity and demand in the UK market. Some counterfeiters try to imitate the design and packaging of Lost Mary vapes, but use different liquids and materials that may be of lower quality or even harmful. These fake or knock-off products may not deliver the same flavour, performance, or satisfaction as genuine Elf Bar Lost Mary disposable vapes. They may also pose health risks or damage your device. JM Wholesale stocks only authentic Elf Bar device, so you can be certain that Lost Mary devices bought from us will be authentic every time. Read our guide on how to spot a fake Elf Bar product to learn more.

We offer the lowest prices on Elf Bar Lost Mary devices through our Price Beating service. Our customers can always enjoy competitive offers - we aim to offer the best prices in the UK on all vaping, smoking and CBD products.

In conclusion, the Lost Mary disposable vape devices are the most popular and convenient choice for vape enjoyers in the UK. Businesses who stock these devices will not have to wait long before restocking. User-friendly design, hassle-free usage, and a wide range of flavours make Elf Bar's Lost Mary a preferred choice for countless individuals.

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20mg Lost Mary BM6000 Disposable Rechargeable Vape Kit 6000 Puffs

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20mg Lost Mary 4in1 Prefilled Pods 1200 Puffs

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20mg Lost Mary 4in1 Pod Vape Kit 2400 Puffs

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10mg MARYLIQ Nic Salt By Lost Mary 10ml (50VG/50PG)

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Expired :: 20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs
  • -56%

Expired :: 20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs

- Please Note: These disposables are passed their expiry date on 2023 - 04/05.2024 If you're look...

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20mg Lost Mary DM600 X2 Disposable Pod Kit 1200 Puffs - Twin Pack

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20mg MARYLIQ Nic Salt By Lost Mary 10ml (50VG/50PG)

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20mg Lost Mary Tappo Pod Vape Kit

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20mg Lost Mary Tappo Replacement Prefilled Pods 2ml

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20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary BM600s Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs

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20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs
  • -20%

20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs

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20mg ELF Bar Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs

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Wholesale Lost Mary Disposable Vapes Q & A

Why don’t you stock 3,500 and 5,000 puff Lost Mary devices?

In the United Kingdom, vaping devices and e-liquids are regulated under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). This directive imposes several restrictions to ensure the safety and quality of vaping products. One of these restrictions is on the size of the e-liquid container, which cannot exceed 2ml for devices that are intended to be refilled. This means that Lost Mary vapes boasting 3,500+ puffs are highly-likely to be non-compliant with TPD regulations, as they would require a significantly larger e-liquid capacity.

Therefore, selling or distributing such devices in the UK would be illegal. It's important for both consumers and retailers to be aware of these regulations to ensure they are using or selling safe and legal products.

Why didn’t my Lost Mary last 600 puffs? Lost Mary devices are built to last for approximately 600 puffs - the operative word being approximate. Sometimes this will be slightly more than 600 puffs, other times it will be less. Using a device intensely, or “chain vaping” may make the device last for less puffs, as there is more stress being put on the battery in a short time. 


Does Lost Mary have a 0mg option?

Currently, all ELF Bar Lost Mary devices exclusively feature a nicotine strength of 20mg (2%). This level of nicotine concentration is equivalent to approximately 40-50 traditional cigarettes. This may seem high for those seeking a nicotine-free vaping experience. However, this intentional design serves the unique needs of smokers transitioning from conventional tobacco-based cigarettes to vaping. It's crucial to understand that transitioning from smoking to vaping is often a phased process, and a higher nicotine level in the initial phases can be essential to curbing cravings. It's also important to note that nicotine, while addictive, isn't the primary harmful element in cigarettes. The combustion process and the thousands of chemicals it produces are the main sources of harm in traditional smoking.

What is the puff count for Lost Mary devices?

A single ELF Bar Lost Mary device is built to deliver approximately 600 puffs. This number is a rough estimate and provides a gauge for users to understand the product's longevity. However, the actual puff count may vary depending on personal vaping habits, such as the intensity and duration of each draw. This estimate is based on standardised testing where a "puff" is usually defined as a 2-3 second inhalation. If your puffs are more extended or more frequent, the device may run out faster. Remember, a puff count is not an exact science but rather a guideline to inform consumer usage.

How does Lost Mary comply with TPD regulations?

ELF Bar Lost Mary devices comply with TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulations by conforming to two primary guidelines: limiting the e-liquid capacity to 2ml and maintaining a nicotine strength of no more than 20mg/ml. These limitations are set by the UK's safety and quality standards for vaping products. Moreover, Lost Mary devices are also packaged with the required health warnings, and all promotional material adheres to the strict advertising regulations laid out by the TPD. Additionally, Lost Mary devices feature a tamper-evident seal and child-resistant mechanisms as per TPD requirements. By meeting these regulations, retailers can confidently stock and sell Lost Mary devices, knowing they are in alignment with the legal and safety requisites.

Why does Lost Mary only offer 20mg nicotine strength?

ELF Bar Lost Mary devices are designed with a nicotine strength of 20mg to cater specifically to the needs of smokers transitioning to vaping. This level is not arbitrary; it's the result of careful consideration. The 20mg concentration offers a nicotine hit that is comparable to a traditional cigarette, helping new vapers manage their cravings while they adjust to the new delivery system. This strength is also compliant with TPD regulations, which cap nicotine strength at 20mg/ml for vape products in the EU and UK. While this concentration may seem high to non-smokers or those who have never used nicotine, it's crucial to remember that Lost Mary's target demographic is current smokers seeking a less harmful alternative.

Why can’t I get a 0mg Lost Mary device?

The absence of a 0mg nicotine option in the Lost Mary line can be attributed to the brand's commitment to providing a satisfactory nicotine delivery for smokers transitioning from conventional cigarettes. A 0mg option might not deliver the nicotine hit that newly transitioning smokers often need to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This decision aligns with Lost Mary's mission to facilitate a smoother transition for smokers, by offering an experience similar to that of smoking a traditional cigarette.

How many cigarettes is 20mg of nicotine equivalent to?

The nicotine content in a Lost Mary device is roughly equivalent to the nicotine found in 40-50 traditional cigarettes. This estimate is based on an average cigarette, which typically contains around 0.4mg to 0.5mg of nicotine. The aim of this high nicotine content is to provide a satisfying nicotine delivery for smokers switching to vaping. It should be noted that while the nicotine content might be equivalent, the delivery method (vaping vs. combustion) significantly reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Why can’t I refill my Lost Mary device?

Lost Mary devices are not refillable due to their closed-system design, intended to ensure quality control and ease of use. The devices are sealed units where the liquid cannot be topped up or replaced. This eliminates any potential issues with incorrect liquid handling, spilling, or compatibility, which might affect the performance or safety of the device. Refilling these devices would also contravene TPD regulations, which stipulate that e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be tamper-evident and child-resistant. By keeping the devices sealed and disposable, Lost Mary complies with these regulations and ensures that the device performs reliably throughout its lifespan.

Are Lost Mary devices recyclable?

While ELF Bar Lost Mary devices themselves are not intended to be reused or refilled, the materials used in their construction might be recyclable, subject to local regulations and facilities. Vape devices typically contain metals, plastics, and electronic components that can be recycled. However, users should be aware that vape devices also contain a lithium-ion battery, which must be recycled at appropriate facilities. Always dispose of electronic waste responsibly to ensure it doesn't harm the environment. Consider reaching out to your local waste management facility or recycling center to understand the best practices for disposal in your area.

What are the health risks of using a Lost Mary?

According to multiple studies, vaping is estimated to be at least 95% safer than smoking. However, it's important to remember that any form of nicotine consumption carries some level of risk, and vaping is no exception. For those who don't already use nicotine, it's recommended not to start.

Why didn't my Lost Mary last for 600 puffs?

The estimated 600 puff count for Lost Mary devices is an average, based on standard use. If your device is used more intensely or frequently than average, it may not reach the estimated 600 puffs.

Are Lost Mary devices safer than cigarettes?

Lost Mary devices fall into the category of e-cigarettes or vapes. Public Health England, a reputable source in healthcare studies, has stated that vaping is about 95% less harmful compared to traditional tobacco smoking. This implies that Lost Mary devices are substantially safer. However, it is crucial to note that being less harmful doesn't mean they are completely free from risks. Tobacco cigarettes contain a concoction of toxic substances and carcinogens, and by moving away from combustion, vaping reduces exposure to these harmful elements.

Why are there no larger e-liquid capacity Lost Mary devices?

The size of e-liquid capacity for Lost Mary devices and other similar vaping products is limited by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations. These regulations cap the e-liquid capacity at 2ml. As such, Lost Mary devices are designed to be disposable after about 600 puffs instead of having larger, refillable tanks.

Can I use Lost Mary devices if I'm trying to quit smoking?

Yes, many smokers have successfully used Lost Mary devices as part of their quit smoking journey. The 20mg nicotine strength provides a similar satisfaction to a cigarette, making it easier for smokers to switch.

Why did some UK retailers remove Lost Mary products from their shelves?

In 2023, some UK retailers removed a certain batch of Lost Mary products due to concerns about overfilling, which meant that the e-liquid capacity might have exceeded the TPD regulations of 2ml. This was likely a precautionary measure to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, rather than a comment on the general safety or quality of Lost Mary devices.

Are Lost Mary devices illegal in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, Lost Mary devices are not considered illegal. These devices are compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations that dictate the rules around the production, presentation, and sale of vaping products in the country. Therefore, they are perfectly legitimate to be bought, sold, and used within the UK.

As a retailer, you can confidently stock Lost Mary devices in your store without worrying about any potential legal issues. These devices are legal as long as their sale and usage align with the stipulations set forth in regulations, which include restrictions related to age.

Can I stock Lost Mary devices in my store without any legal issues?

Yes, as a retailer in the UK, you can stock Lost Mary devices, providing you comply with all relevant UK and EU regulations. These regulations include:

  • Age Restrictions: In the UK, it's illegal to sell e-cigarettes and e-liquids to anyone under 18 years of age. Ensure you have age verification processes in place.
  • Compliance with Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR): All e-cigarette products must be notified by manufacturers to the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), with detailed information about the product ingredients, emissions, nicotine dose, and absorption, etc. Be sure the products you stock are TRPR compliant.
  • Labelling and Packaging Regulations: The packaging of e-cigarettes and e-liquids sold in the UK must be child-resistant and tamper-evident, carry a health warning, and must not promote non-tobacco products or contain certain promotional elements.
  • Advertising Restrictions: Be aware of restrictions on how e-cigarettes can be advertised, including restrictions on print media, television, radio, and online.

Are there any restrictions on selling Lost Mary devices?

The main restrictions on selling Lost Mary devices are the same as for all vaping products in the UK: they must not be sold to anyone under the age of 18, and they must comply with TPD regulations.

Why are Lost Mary devices not meant to be maintained or reused?

Lost Mary devices are disposable e-cigarettes. This design has several benefits:

  • Simplicity and Convenience: A disposable device is ready to vape straight out of the packaging. Once used up, it can be simply discarded. There's no need for charging, refilling, or coil changes, making it perfect for beginners or those seeking a low maintenance option.
  • Consistent Quality: Each disposable device is designed to deliver a consistent quality of vapour and flavour from the first puff to the last. This wouldn't be guaranteed in a device meant for long-term use without regular maintenance.
  • Safety: Disposable devices limit the user's exposure to the e-liquid and any associated potential risks from mishandling.

What's the nicotine strength of Lost Mary devices?

The nicotine strength of Lost Mary devices is typically 20mg/mL, which is the maximum strength permitted under the EU/UK's TRPR. This makes them a good choice for heavy smokers transitioning to vaping as it can provide a similar level of nicotine to which they are accustomed.

What makes Lost Mary one of the most popular electronic devices in the UK?

Lost Mary's popularity stems from various factors such as convenience, reliability, and effective nicotine delivery. The devices are sleek, easy to use, and require no maintenance. Moreover, with a nicotine strength of 20mg, they cater to smokers looking for a satisfying alternative to cigarettes. The combination of these factors makes Lost Mary a preferred choice for many vapers, particularly those transitioning from smoking.

Can I chain vape with my Lost Mary device?

While it's technically possible to chain vape with a Lost Mary device, doing so may reduce the overall lifespan of the device and cause it to deliver fewer than the estimated 600 puffs.

Is Lost Mary suitable for heavy smokers?

Lost Mary devices are suitable for heavy smokers, as they deliver a satisfying level of nicotine similar to what a heavy smoker would get from cigarettes. This makes it easier for heavy smokers to switch from traditional tobacco products to vaping.

Are there any other restrictions under TPD that affect Lost Mary devices?

Aside from the restrictions on e-liquid capacity and nicotine strength, TPD regulations also require vaping devices to be child-resistant and tamper-evident, to come with a leaflet containing information on safe use, and to have a mechanism that ensures refilling without leakage. Lost Mary devices comply with all these regulations.

What is the lifespan of a Lost Mary device?

The lifespan of a Lost Mary device is approximately 600 puffs, although this may vary depending on how often and intensely the device is used. Once the device is depleted, it should be disposed of properly.

Why are Lost Mary devices disposable?

Lost Mary devices are disposable to ensure optimal performance and convenience for users. This way, users don't have to worry about maintenance or refilling e-liquids; they can simply enjoy the device until it's depleted, then dispose of it responsibly.

Can the nicotine level in Lost Mary devices help smokers transition off cigarettes?

Yes, the 20mg nicotine level in Lost Mary devices can help smokers transition off cigarettes by providing a similar level of satisfaction to what they're used to, thereby helping to manage cravings and ease the transition.

Why don't Lost Mary devices offer lower nicotine strength options?

Lost Mary devices are designed with a nicotine strength of 20mg to meet the needs of regular smokers who are transitioning to vaping. Offering lower nicotine strength options could potentially make the devices less satisfying for this demographic and less effective as a quitting aid.

How does Lost Mary ensure the quality of their devices?

Lost Mary ensures the quality of their devices through stringent manufacturing processes and compliance with all relevant regulations, including TPD. This helps to ensure that each device is safe, reliable, and delivers a satisfying vaping experience.

Is there a limit to how many Lost Mary devices I can sell in my store?

Lost Mary ensures the quality of their devices through stringent manufacturing processes and compliance with all relevant regulations, including TPD. This helps to ensure that each device is safe, reliable, and delivers a satisfying vaping experience.

Are there counterfeit Lost Mary devices in the market?

Counterfeit products are an unfortunate reality in many consumer markets, and e-cigarettes like Lost Mary devices are no exception. The popularity and demand for Lost Mary devices could lead unscrupulous manufacturers to produce fake versions.

Counterfeit devices often mimic the appearance and branding of the original products, but usually don't maintain the same standards in manufacturing, safety, and quality control. This could lead to a subpar and potentially unsafe user experience. For instance, they may leak, malfunction, have shorter battery life, provide an inconsistent vaping experience, or even contain unsafe materials or ingredients.

As a retailer, it's critical to source your products from trustworthy, authorised distributors or directly from the manufacturer to ensure you're selling genuine Lost Mary devices. JM Wholesale, for example, is a trusted distributor in the UK, known to only sell genuine Lost Mary devices.

How do Lost Mary devices compare to other disposable vapes in the market?

Lost Mary devices stand out from other disposable vapes due to their high quality, reliable performance, and satisfying nicotine delivery. They provide a comparable experience to traditional cigarettes, making them a popular choice for those transitioning away from smoking.

What are the advantages of selling Lost Mary devices in my store?

Selling Lost Mary devices in your store offers several advantages, including attracting a wide demographic of vapers, particularly those transitioning from smoking; providing a high-quality, reliable product that customers can trust; and offering a product that complies with all relevant regulations.

How do I know when my Lost Mary device is empty?

When a Lost Mary device is empty, it will stop producing vapour and the LED will blink. This is a sign that the device is depleted and should be disposed of properly.

Are there any upcoming Lost Mary devices that comply with larger puff counts?

As of now, there are no upcoming Lost Mary devices with larger puff counts due to the limitations imposed by TPD regulations. However, Lost Mary is committed to innovating within the confines of these regulations to continue providing satisfying and convenient vaping experiences.

What should I do if my Lost Mary device didn't last for 600 puffs?

If your Lost Mary device didn't last for 600 puffs, it could be due to more intense or frequent usage than what the device is designed for. It's also possible that there was a defect with that particular device. If you believe the device was defective, you should contact the retailer or manufacturer for assistance.

Are there restrictions on online sales of Lost Mary devices?

Online sales of Lost Mary devices must also comply with all relevant regulations, including age verification to prevent sales to minors. As long as these requirements are met, there should be no restrictions on selling Lost Mary devices online.

Are there any potential health risks associated with chain vaping Lost Mary devices?

Chain vaping, or using a device continuously for a prolonged period, can potentially increase the risk of nicotine overdose, and could also reduce the lifespan of your Lost Mary device. It's always best to use vaping devices responsibly and take breaks between sessions.

Can my customers get addicted to Lost Mary devices?

Like any nicotine product, there is potential for dependence with Lost Mary devices. However, they are designed primarily as a safer alternative for current smokers, rather than a product for non-smokers to start using.

How does Lost Mary ensure its devices are safe and compliant with regulations?

Lost Mary ensures its devices are safe and compliant with regulations through careful design, rigorous manufacturing processes, and strict adherence to all relevant regulations, including TPD.

Can you recharge/refill a Lost Mary?

No! Lost Mary devices are disposable vapes meaning they are designed to be used, then thrown away. They should only be disassembled for recycling and disposal. The juice pod, atomiser and battery are not designed to be maintained or reused in any way.

Are Lost Marys being discontinued?

No. Some UK retailers removed a very small amount of Lost Mary products from their shelves in 2023 after learning they had been overfilled, containing too much e-liquid. However Lost Mary devices are not prohibited in any way in the UK, and can be supplied and traded without concern. They are still one of the most popular electronic devices in the UK.

Where do Lost Mary device come from?

Lost Mary is a range developed by IMiracle Technology Co., Ltd, a company based in the technological hub of Shenzhen, China.

What is the "two-colour" design of Lost Mary called?

The famous two-colour design on Lost Mary devices is called a colour gradient, where two colours slowly bleed into each other, creating a striking eye-catching design.

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Lost Mary Flavours

Lost Mary's immense popularity among vapers stems from the brand's extensive and ever-expanding array of delicious flavours. With a range that caters to virtually every palate, from the fruit-lover to the dessert aficionado, Lost Mary continues to captivate the vaping community with their innovative flavour profiles. However, it's important to note that due to regional restrictions, not all flavours are available in the UK. Furthermore, as new flavours are being introduced, they often sell out quickly, making them temporarily unavailable.

The high demand for certain flavours can lead to them being out of stock from time to time. So, if you see a flavour you fancy or a new release you're eager to stock, don't hesitate.


🔵Blueberry Raspberry

A beautiful duet of ripe, juicy blueberries and tart raspberries comes together in this flavour. Like a stroll through a wild berry thicket, this blend provides a fantastic balance between the sweetness of blueberries and the slight acidic notes of raspberries. Each puff sends waves of fruity freshness across your palate, inviting you to experience this forest wonder over and over again.

💙Blueberry Wild Berry

Picture a rustic basket teeming with the freshest wild berries, blueberries at the forefront. This flavour encapsulates that image, unfolding a wild berry tale that leaves your senses tingling. The luscious notes of blueberries mingle with a myriad of wild berries, creating a dance of flavours on your tongue that is both exotic and comforting.

🧊Blueberry Ice

Experience a delightful shock of coolness as the succulent sweetness of ripe blueberries meets a gust of icy blast in this flavour. This refreshing fusion brings to mind sipping a frosty blueberry slush on a sweltering summer day, with each puff providing a soothing, revitalizing sensation.

🧵Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate

Delight in a luxurious blend of three vibrant fruits, each with its distinct note. The mellow sweetness of blueberries, the sharp tang of raspberries, and the rich, mildly tart flavour of pomegranates unite in this flavour. It's like an elegant symphony of fruits playing on your taste buds, forming a complex and layered vaping experience.

🔷Blueberry Sour Raspberry

This adventurous blend brings together the sweet charm of blueberries and the audacious sour kick of raspberries. The result is an exhilarating dance of sweet and sour, each puff leaving a tantalizingly sour note on your tongue. This flavour is a dare to your senses, inviting you to enjoy the unpredictable rhythm of fruity contrasts.

🍒Cherry Ice

This flavour captures the thrilling romance between the bold sweetness of ripe cherries and the refreshing coolness of ice. Each puff delivers a rush of cherry goodness that's akin to biting into a cherry covered in frost on a cool winter morning. The gentle sweetness of the cherries gracefully pirouettes with the icy coolness, creating a refreshing, satisfying dance of flavours on your palate.

🍑Cherry Peach Lemonade

This flavour is a sunlit picnic in a bottle, combining the summer-ripe sweetness of cherries, the luscious smoothness of peaches, and the vivacious zing of freshly squeezed lemonade. The syrupy sweetness of the cherries, coupled with the velvety smoothness of peaches, creates a tantalizing backdrop for the bright, punchy notes of the lemonade. It's like sipping a perfectly chilled glass of summer-infused nectar, bursting with fruity freshness.


This flavour masterfully recreates the universally loved, classic taste of cola. Each puff delivers an effervescent burst of sweet, slightly spiced, and subtly citrusy flavour that engulfs your taste buds in a bubbly embrace. It's an invigorating vape experience that takes you on a nostalgic journey back to sipping a refreshing cola on a hot day.

❄Marybull Ice

This flavour, an exhilarating rendition of a popular energy drink, comes with a frosty surprise. It's an unapologetically bold and unique blend that caters to your nicotine cravings while simultaneously invigorating your senses. With its energizing notes and icy undertones, each puff feels like a refreshing gust of icy wind on a sweltering day.


This flavour is like diving into a pool of juicy, ripe grapes. Each puff encapsulates the full-bodied, intoxicatingly sweet and slightly tangy essence of grapes that seem to have been sun-ripened to perfection. It's a flavour that leaves your palate awash with the refreshing sweetness of a vineyard's bounty, offering a vape experience as delightful as popping a juicy grape into your mouth.

🥝Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

This flavour is an exhilarating tropical getaway in every puff. The perky sweetness of kiwi mingles harmoniously with the vibrant tartness of passionfruit, while the lush, creamy undertones of guava provide a robust base that ties all the flavours together. The result is a tropical delight that teases and titillates your taste buds, taking you on a journey through a fruit-filled paradise.

😡Mad Blue

This flavour is a perplexing mix that daringly dances on the edge of the familiar and the unknown. The unique, elusive notes of Mad Blue offer an intriguingly delicious vape experience that defies precise definition. The enigmatic blend is a wild card in your vape rotation, keeping you on your toes, guessing, and returning for more to unravel the captivating mystery.

🍋Pink Lemonade

This flavour is the embodiment of summer refreshment, combining the sugary sweetness of ripe, red fruits with the zesty tanginess of freshly squeezed lemonade. It's a blissful balance between sweet and tart, recreating the invigorating feeling of sipping a chilled glass of pink lemonade under the dazzling summer sun. Each puff is a refreshing breath of warm, sunny days, creating a truly uplifting vape experience.

ğŸŽRed Apple Ice

This flavour beautifully combines the crisp, succulent flavour of freshly picked red apples with an invigorating rush of frosty ice. It's a harmonious symphony of sweet and cool, delivering a vape experience akin to biting into a refreshing, ice-cold apple on a hot summer day. It's a perfect pick-me-up, offering a tantalizing twist to the timeless appeal of a ripe apple.

🍓Strawberry Kiwi

This flavour brings together the lush sweetness of sun-ripened strawberries and the vibrant tang of fresh kiwis. Each puff is a delightful dance of these two fruit favorites, delivering a vape experience reminiscent of a tropical summer salad. The berry-licious sweetness of strawberries and the zingy tartness of kiwi create a balanced, refreshing, and slightly tart treat that dances on your tongue.

🍓🧊Triple Berry Ice

This flavour is a triumphant trio of your favourite berries - strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, followed by a blast of cool ice. Each draw is filled with a succulent berry blend that dazzles your taste buds with its sweet and tangy notes, then leaves you with an exhilarating icy finish. It's a thrilling ride from warm fruit fields to frosty slopes, a delightful and refreshing medley that keeps your taste buds on their toes.

🥭🥭🥭Triple Mango

Triple Mango is an unabashed celebration of all things mango. Imagine the decadent lushness of ripe, juicy mangoes - not just a single layer, but a triad of mango goodness. Each layer unfolds gradually, presenting the multifaceted taste of this beloved tropical fruit in all its glory. It's a mango lover's dream come true, with sun-kissed sweetness shining through in every single puff, evoking a sensation of lying under a tropical sun.

🍉🧊Watermelon Ice

This flavor is akin to biting into a frosty slice of ripe watermelon. The juicy, refreshing sweetness of watermelon takes center stage, perfectly complemented by the invigorating coolness of ice. It’s a refreshingly sweet treat on a hot day, a cooling experience that combines the essence of summer with a wintry blast. It's like taking a leisurely summer picnic and then diving into a cold pool, all encapsulated in each vape draw.

🍑🍏Peach Green Apple

This flavor is a harmonious blend that strikes the perfect balance between the velvety sweetness of sun-ripened peaches and the tart crispness of fresh green apples. Each puff takes your taste buds on a roller coaster ride from the lush peach orchards to the brisk apple groves. The smooth, sweet notes of peaches blend beautifully with the sharp, tart edge of green apples, creating a captivating vape experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.

🍒💙Blue Razz Cherry

This flavour presents an unexpected but delicious duo. Sweet yet tart blue raspberry is paired with the rich, deep sweetness of ripe cherries, creating a symphony of flavours that play wonderfully on your palate. Each puff is a journey from the wild bramble patches filled with ripe blue raspberries to orchards heavy with luscious cherries. It's a roller coaster of fruity notes, capturing the teasing play between tart and sweet, a truly tantalising dance that keeps your taste buds engaged and craving for more.

🍉🍒Watermelon Cherry

This flavour is a summertime fiesta, marrying the refreshing, light sweetness of ripe watermelon with the deeper, richer sweetness of cherries. Each puff is a sun-soaked fruit festival, capturing the essence of warm, lazy summer afternoons spent savouring juicy fruit. It's a perfect harmony of two distinct fruit profiles, like a melody and harmony in a beautiful piece of music, each note enhancing the other to create a vaping experience that's truly satisfying.

🍉🔴Raspberry Watermelon

This flavour is a summertime fiesta, marrying the refreshing, light sweetness of ripe watermelon with the deeper, richer sweetness of cherries. Each puff is a sun-soaked fruit festival, capturing the essence of warm, lazy summer afternoons spent savouring juicy fruit. It's a perfect harmony of two distinct fruit profiles, like a melody and harmony in a beautiful piece of music, each note enhancing the other to create a vaping experience that's truly satisfying.


The V.M.T stands for a mystery, a tantalising puzzle for your taste buds. Each draw from this flavour is a new experience, a chance to decipher the enigmatic blend of notes that tease your senses. Is it fruit? Is it dessert? Or something completely different? It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma, a delightful game that keeps you coming back for more, eager to unravel the delicious secrets it holds.

🚬Mint Tobacco

An iconic duo captured beautifully in this flavour, it's a tribute to tradition with a refreshing twist. The robust, earthy notes of fine tobacco form the solid backbone of this blend, providing a satisfyingly rich base. Layered on top is the cooling rush of crisp mint, refreshing your senses with its invigorating touch. Each puff is like a step into a sophisticated cigar lounge, the air filled with the scent of premium tobacco, then stepping out into a frosty winter evening, the chill air filled with the scent of fresh mint leaves. It's a balance of bold and fresh, a satisfying vape that caters to those who appreciate the timeless pleasures.

💋Mary Jack Kisses

This flavour is a complex blend, a curious mix of unique notes that leaves you intrigued and craving more. A delicate kiss of different flavours greets you in each puff, a teasing brush of something new, something different, and yet something familiar. It's an enigma, a secret blend that piques your curiosity, a flavour that you can't quite put your finger on but can't stop going back to. Each puff is a delightful question mark, a mystery that keeps you guessing, a tantalising adventure of the senses.

🌸🍇Sakura Grape

Embark on an exotic journey with the Sakura Grape ELF Bar flavour. This extraordinary blend harmonizes the luscious sweetness of sun-ripened grapes with the exquisite, delicate notes of sakura (Japanese cherry blossom). Each inhalation is akin to a sensory exploration of East Asia, with the sakura offering a gentle floral undertone that complements the full-bodied grape sweetness. This enchanting combination delivers a lush, captivating vaping experience that truly reflects the harmony between fruit and flower. From the first puff to the last, Sakura Grape is a unique flavour, designed for vapers who yearn for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

ğŸŽBamboo Aloe

Inspired by the serene tranquillity of nature, the Bamboo Aloe ELF Bar flavour offers a truly unique vaping journey. Imagine taking a deep breath of fresh morning air in a dew-laden bamboo forest, that's exactly what this flavour encapsulates. The subtle, refreshing essence of bamboo lends a crisp freshness, while the aloe vera adds a soothing, slightly sweet profile that gives this vape a balanced, mellow finish. The combination creates a revitalizing blend that's incredibly smooth, giving you a uniquely serene vaping experience. It's a sophisticated flavour that's perfect for those who appreciate the understated allure of botanical notes in their vape.

🐻Gummy Bear

Experience a delightful throwback to the joy of childhood with the Gummy Bear ELF Bar flavour. This flavour encapsulates the playful, sugary sweetness of the classic gummy bear candy. From the initial puff, the bright, fruity notes charm your taste buds, followed by the unmistakable candy-like sweetness that lingers, making every draw a nostalgic journey. It's a playful and sweet vape flavour that will bring back memories of rummaging through candy shops as a kid. If you're in search of a fun, sweet vape that takes you back in time, Gummy Bear is a perfect choice.

🍍🧊Pineapple Ice

Indulge in a tropical delight with the Pineapple Ice ELF Bar flavour. This blend features the zesty sweetness of ripe pineapple, coupled with a refreshing blast of cool ice, to bring you a vape that's both tangy and revitalizing. It's like savouring a chilled pineapple sorbet on a sun-kissed beach, each draw offering a refreshing burst of tropical goodness followed by an icy chill that leaves a delightful, cooling sensation. Pineapple Ice is a flavour that masterfully captures the essence of summer, a perfect blend for those hot, languid days.

🩰Pink Grapefruit

Experience the invigorating tang and delicate sweetness of fresh pink grapefruit with this ELF Bar flavour. It's a vibrant, citrusy vape that is sure to awaken your senses with its balanced blend of tart and sweet. Each puff delivers a burst of juicy grapefruit, making your taste buds tingle with its lively, citrusy zing. The hint of sweetness tempers the tanginess, resulting in a refreshing vape that's as exhilarating as a chilled glass of fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice on a warm day.

ğŸŽğŸDouble Apple

Savour the crisp, succulent taste of fresh apples with the Double Apple ELF Bar flavour. This blend doubles down on the classic apple essence, combining the sweetness of ripe red apples with the slightly tart freshness of green apples. Each inhalation delivers a delightful mix of apple notes, creating a vaping experience that's akin to biting into two different apple varieties at once. The sweet and tart harmony makes Double Apple a flavour that's satisfyingly balanced, perfect for vapers who appreciate the classic, timeless appeal of this beloved fruit.


Experience the crisp, rejuvenating sensation of pure menthol with this ELF Bar flavour. Each draw delivers a blast of coolness that refreshes your palate and leaves your mouth feeling invigorated. It's a straightforward blend designed to provide a no-frills vaping experience that's remarkably satisfying. If you're a fan of the refreshing coolness that menthol offers, this ELF Bar flavour is an ideal pick. It's perfect for those moments when you desire a refreshing break from the complexity of fruity or sweet flavours.

🌊🍑Juicy Peach

Immerse yourself in the luscious sweetness of perfectly ripened peaches with the Juicy Peach ELF Bar flavour. Each puff of this vape delivers a burst of peachy goodness, rich and full-bodied, mimicking the delightful experience of biting into a juicy peach on a warm summer day. The balance of sweet and slightly tart notes creates a truly mouthwatering vape that's as refreshing as it is satisfying. If you're a fan of stone fruits, Juicy Peach is an ELF Bar flavour that will undoubtedly hit the sweet spot.

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