Wholesale CBD Pouches

CBD pouches work just like Snus Pouches in terms of their effects but with CBD instead of nicotine. They provide the CBD that is released naturally after they are placed under your lip. Each come in various CBD strengths and flavours, the latter of which helps to avoid the lingering hemp tasting aftertaste often found after regularly taking CBD edibles.

By looking on JM Wholesale, you will see for yourself our collection of CBD pouches that have been carefully chosen by our experts to ensure that the highest quality has been guaranteed. From American brands like Cannadips and British ones like Canndid, these among others have specialised in creating such items that we proudly have on our website at wholesale prices.

With no minimum order required, you can buy the quantity of CBD pouches you need. Discounts are available, if you buy in bulk along with a drop shipping option if you intend to sell our products through this method. Contact us to learn more.

As with all our CBD edibles we stock at JM Wholesale, the CBD pouches are all Novel Foods compliant and follow the relevant Food Standards Agency authorisation. We take such compliance and regulations very seriously to ensure that all products we supply are at sufficient standard before being made available on here.

Before you order your next CBD inventory, be sure to familiarise yourself with the Food Standard Agency’s regulations for CBD-infused food products to ensure you are compliant.

Interested in our CBD dropshipping service? Take a look at how we could help.

When buying from JM Wholesale, you can be assured that every CBD product within our catalogue is fully compliant and approved for sale, with novel food application numbers now added directly to the relevant listings.