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Made from hemp, our wholesale CBD solid is used primarily in vaping for its rich flavour. However, some people use it in their cooking and others smoke it directly, so it has many uses. Now you can provide your customers with the highest quality CBD solid when you order in bulk from us.

Choose from a large selection of flavours for your CBD solid, including lemon, blueberry, mango, chocolate and more. We stock everything from CBD rocks to squidgy solids, which you might also hear being termed as CBD hash or jelly hash.

The wholesale CBD solid you will find here is made by trusted manufacturers who use industrial hemp, and the final product contains between 3.8% and 12% CBD content. It also has very low THC levels, less than 0.2%, so there are no psychoactive effects.

Complete your order today for fast delivery to the UK mainland. And if you are making a large order, you may want to explore our Flexi Finance option that enables you to pay in up to 12 monthly instalments.

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View CBD Lab Reports Here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1qogsuwbpvo58ma/AAAgq40lVXbO3xehDSLn7LOma?dl=0

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Pure 85% CBD Rock - 1g

A premium CBD and CBG crystal rock that allows you to effectively turn e-liquids into CBD/CBG jui...

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Pure 85% CBD Crumble - 1g

A premium crumble with a purity of 85% CBD & 10% CBG. You can use it depending on your needs;...

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Holy Grail 44% CBD Squidgy Solid - 1g
  • Sold out

Holy Grail 44% CBD Squidgy Solid - 1g

Meet the Holy Grail of CBD solids. This incredible new squidgy solid has an incredible look, feel...

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Holy Grail 28% CBD Squidgy Solid - 1g
  • Sold out

Holy Grail 28% CBD Squidgy Solid - 1g

Meet the Holy Grail of CBD solids. This incredible new squidgy solid has an incredible look, feel...

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Holy Grail 16% CBD Squidgy Solid - 1g

Meet the Holy Grail of CBD solids. This incredible new squidgy solid has an incredible look and f...

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CBD Solid Wholesale Q & A

What is CBD solid?

CBD solid is, as the name suggests, not liquid like CBD oil, but instead made from a powder pressed into solid bricks. It is made from the resin of the cannabis or hemp plant and is sometimes known as pollen. You might also hear it called CBD hash.

What are the three types of CBD?

You will generally see CBD products, in whatever form, being divided into three different categories:

  • CBD isolate- This is pure CBD, on its own. It's separated from all the other compounds found in the cannabis plant and is therefore the best way to avoid any hint of THC.
  • Broad spectrum - This contains most of the available cannabis compounds, but the THC is removed so it is still legal in most circumstances in the UK.
  • Full spectrum - This contains every compound of cannabis, including THC. Some people consider that all the compounds being able to work together makes the product more effective, but even low levels of THC may cause legal problems in some situations.

How do you use CBD solid?

There are multiple ways in which you can use CBD hash. It is most commonly vaped but it can be added to food and used in cooking. Sometimes it is added to topicals, which combine it with creams, gels or oils for a targeted approach to a specific part of the body. If using with other essential oils, the consumer should consult with an expert first as the powerful effects could be dangerous.

How do you cook CBD hash?

To cook with CBD hash, first, it is necessary to do something called decarboxylation. This involves heating it in an oven for about an hour, at a temperature of 110-116°C.

How do you vape with CBD hash?

CBD solid can become gooey when heated, so it is important to use a high quality, powdery hash with no contaminants. This isn't just more convenient, it also stops the vaporiser from becoming damaged. Hemp pads can also protect the vaporiser. Cut the hash finely to make sure the vaping experience is uniform.

How does CBD solid compare to other forms of CBD?

CBD solid is a concentrated form of CBD, so it can be quite powerful, although how quickly it acts will depend on the delivery method and dosage. A little can go a long way.

Can CBD solid get you high?

The CBD that is legal in the United Kingdom has no (or less than 0.2%) THC, and therefore does not have psychoactive properties and cannot get the consumer high.

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