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A CBD edible brand that brings together healthy ingredients, high powered CBD and natural nootropics, Nooro offers a viable alternative of snacks with its range. All their ingredients are gluten free with low sugars, high in fibre with the CBD and nootropics respectively giving any user balanced calm and an extra boost after ingesting the product.

Available on JM Wholesale, Nooro’s tasty range of snack bars are on offer at competitive prices. Each snack bar has 25mg of CBD as well-rounded dose alongside the natural, organic ingredients for memorable snacks for customers looking for something fulfilling and healthy in snack form.

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Nooro 25mg CBD Sour Cherry & Chocolate CBD Oat bar - 45g

Novel Food application number: RP438 The black forest revealed its secrets to us, and we crafted...

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Nooro 25mg CBD Banana & Cinnamon CBD Oat Bar - 45g

Novel Food application number: RP438 A deep swell of banana and cinnamon, crunchy cacao nibs and ...

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Nooro 25mg CBD Lemon & Ginger CBD Oat Bar - 45g

Novel Food application number: RP438 An invigorating moment of natural lemon and spicy ginger......

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