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Cannadips are based in Humboldt County, California, where they founded the company back in 2016. They use broad-spectrum hemp to create their unique snus pouches that are free of THC, tobacco and nicotine and are made from all-natural ingredients.

You’ll find their smokeless pouches right here at JM Wholesale. Choose from Natural Mint and Tangy Citrus flavours, and provide your customers with a genuinely innovative product that allows them to experience CBD in a whole new way. And if you spend over £500 with us today, we’ll offer free shipping to your UK mainland addresses.

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Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches - Tangy Citrus

  The Original and Only Smokeless Cannabis Pouch. Cannadips CBD Pouches are inspired by tradition...

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Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches - Natural Mint

The Original and Only Smokeless Cannabis Pouch. Cannadips CBD Pouches are inspired by traditional...

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