Wholesale Replacement Pods & Vape Coils

At the heart of every unrivalled vaping experience is the quality of the vape coil. As a retailer, understanding your customers' desire for a personalised, unmatched vaping experience is crucial. Offering a diverse range of high-quality, affordable vape coils can make your shop the go-to spot for vaping enthusiasts in the UK, providing them the option to fine-tune their devices to their unique tastes.

JM Wholesale, the UK's premier supplier of wholesale vape coils, ensures that your customers never compromise on their vaping experience. Our meticulously curated collection is designed to meet all vaping requirements, from the novice hobbyist to the seasoned connoisseur.

Our affordable vape coils stand out in terms of quality, diversity, and affordability. This combination allows you to stock your store generously without impacting your bottom line. We understand the fluid nature of retail business and thus have abolished minimum order requirements. You have the freedom to order exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

Thinking about starting a vaping retail business? We've got you covered with our drop shipping service. Kickstart your venture with ease, eliminating the need for building your own e-commerce platform or managing inventory. Choose what you want to offer from our extensive range of wholesale vape coils, and we take care of the rest.

Reach out today to discover more about our expansive range of wholesale vape coils and how partnering with JM Wholesale can help elevate your vaping retail business. We're here to support you in providing an exceptional vaping experience to your customers, every single time.

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Aspire TSX Replacement Mesh Pods 2PCS 0.8/1.0Ω 3ml

Both the Aspire 1.0Ω & 0.8Ω TSX Mesh Pods are specially designed for the Aspire Cyber S and C...

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Aspire TSX Replacement Mesh Pods 2PCS 0.8/1.0Ω 2ml

Both the Aspire 1.0Ω & 0.8Ω TSX Mesh Pods are specially designed for the Aspire Cyber S and C...

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Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Pods XL 3ml (0.6Ohm, 1.0Ohm)

The Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pods XL (0.6Ohm, 1.0Ohm) offer an enhanced vaping ...

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Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Pods 2ml (0.6Ohm, 1.0Ohm)

The Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pods 2ml (0.6Ohm, 1.0Ohm) offer a versatile and co...

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Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pod XL - 3ml

The Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pod XL - 4ml is a high-capacity upgrade for the As...

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Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pod 2ml

The Aspire Flexus Pro Replacement Empty Pod 2ml is an essential accessory for users of the...

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10mg Zeltu X3 Pod 2ml

Upgrade your vaping with the 10mg Zeltu X3 Pod 2ml - a powerful and purpose-built pod made for th...

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20mg Zeltu X3 Pod 2ml

Transform your vaping experience with the 20mg Zeltu X3 Pod 2ml; a convenient and high-performanc...

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20mg Lost Mary 4in1 Prefilled Pods 1200 Puffs

SALE OR RETURN GUARANTEE available for this product!Return within 120 days if unsold (see terms)E...


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Vaporesso Luxe X Replacement Mesh Pods 2PCS 0.6Ω/0.8Ω 5ml

Experience enhanced vaping pleasure with the Vaporesso Luxe X Replacement Mesh Pods. This pack in...

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19mg AIRSCREAM Air Pre Filled Pods 2PCS 1.2Ω 2ml ( Compatible With AirsPops Pro & AirEgg )

Introducing the 19mg Air Scream Air Egg Pods, a premium vaping experience that combines exception...

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EXPIRED :: Elf Bar P1 Replacement 2ml Pods for ELF Mate 500
  • -65%

EXPIRED :: Elf Bar P1 Replacement 2ml Pods for ELF Mate 500

Products are expired, dates can be found on product variations. Take your vaping experience to t...


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Cokii Lux Replacement Pods 3 Pack 2ml (0.6Ohm, 0.8Ohm, 1.0Ohm)

Experience top-quality materials and mesh coil technology with Cokii Lux Replacement Pods. These ...

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Voopoo Argus Top Fill Replacement Pods 3 Pack 3ml (0.4Ohm, 0.7Ohm)

Crafted with top-quality materials and state-of-the-art coil technology, the Voopoo Argus Top Fil...

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Freemax Galex V2 Replacement Pods 2 Per Pack (0.6Ohm, 0.8Ohm, 1.0Ohm)

Optimize your vaping session with the Freemax Galex V2 Replacement Pods, conveniently available i...

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20mg VLYP Touch Replacement Pods 1200 Puff - 2ml
  • -41%

20mg VLYP Touch Replacement Pods 1200 Puff - 2ml

Upgrade your vaping setup with the 20mg VLYP Touch Replacement Pods. These pods offer a generous ...

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VLYP Touch Replacement Coils 3 Per Pack (1.1Ohm)
  • -42%

VLYP Touch Replacement Coils 3 Per Pack (1.1Ohm)

Enhance your vaping experience with VLYP Touch Replacement Coils, a pack of three designed to opt...

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Smoant P Series Replacement Coils 3 Per Pack (0.6Ohm, 0.8Ohm, 1.0Ohm)

Elevate your vaping game with the Smoant P Series Replacement Coils 3 pack and experience the ult...

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20mg Riot Connex Device Capsules 600 puffs

Experience a revolutionary vaping solution with the 20mg Riot Connex Device Pod. This state-of-th...

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SMOK M Coils Five Pack (0.4Ohm/0.6Ohm/0.8Ohm)

Upgrade your vaping sessions with the Smok M-Coils, specifically designed to enhance and compleme...

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VooPoo PnP X Replacement Coils (0.15Ohm/0.2Ohm/0.3Ohm/0.6Ohm)

Discover the superb versatility and convenience of the VooPoo PnP X Replacement Coils Five Pack. ...

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FLFI Crystal Replacement Pods 1800 Puffs 2ml

Indulge in a flawless vaping experience with the FLFI Crystal Replacement Pods. Offering an impre...

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Fulsun Nobol Replaceable Pods 1.0Ω

 The Fulsun Noble Replaceable Pods 1.0Ω are designed to provide a versatile and convenient vaping...

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Aspire BP Stik Replacement Pod 2ml

The Aspire BP Stik Replacement Pod 2ml is a refillable pod designed for use with the Aspire BP St...

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500mg Haze CBD C2 Pods - 800 puffs

Discover new heights in vaping with HAZE CBD Carbon Pods! Crafted with eco-friendly materials in ...

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Smok Pozz 2ml Replacement Pods - 0.8Ω

Introducing Smok's new replacement pods for their Smok Pozz Pod Kit! Coming in a pack of three th...

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Uwell Caliburn G3 Replacement Pods -0.6Ω/0.9Ω/1.2Ω

Keep your Uwell Caliburn G3 kit hitting high notes with these replacement pods. Designed specific...

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OXVA XLIM V3 Replacement Pod Cartridge 3PCS 2ml

The OXVA Xlim V3 Replacement Pods are specifically designed for the OXVA Xlim Pro device but can ...

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Oxva Xlim C Replacement Coils - 0.6Ω/0.8Ω/1.2Ω

The Oxva Xlim C Pod Kit and Oxva Xlim C Pod are vaping products that offer a sleek and comp...

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VooPoo Vinci V2 Replacement Cartridge Pods 0.8Ω/1.2Ω - 3Pcs

Enjoy a hygienic vape experience with VooPoo Vinci V2 Replacement Cartridge Pods' silver ion-coat...

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KangerTech Slibox Replacement Pod 2ml

Features: Capacity: 2ml Resistance: 0.8Ω mesh Side Filling Coils Included Draw Activated Magneti...

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510 Thread Empty Replacement Vape Cartridge - 1ml

For the discerning vaper looking to elevate their experience, this Empty Replacement Vape Cartrid...

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Smok Nord C Replacement Pods 3PCS Large (No Coils Included)

Smok's Nord C Pods Deliver a high-quality level experience. Designed to be used with the Smok Nor...

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Smok RPM C Replacement Pods 3PCS Large (No Coils Included)

Offering a large refillable capacity to enjoy your choice flavour of e-liquid on the god with the...

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Aspire Cyber G Replacement TG Mesh Pods 2PCS 0.8/1.0Ω 2ml

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Aspire Cyber G Pod Kit only, these Aspire Cyber G rep...

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20mg Voom Pod Mod Replacement Mesh Pods 2PCS 1.2Ω 2ml

These 20mg Voom Pod Mod Replacement Mesh Pods are for the 20mg Voom Pod Mod Starter Vape Kit. The...

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Miso Fifa Replacement Mesh Coil 1.2Ω (Pack of 5)

For use for the Miso Fifa Atomizer and the Miso Fifa Refillable Pod Kit, the Miso Fifa Mesh Coils...

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Miso Fifa Replacement Atomizer 2PCS 2ml (No Coils Included)

With 2ml of e-liquid capacity with any e-liquid, the Miso Fifa Atomizer's side filling features g...

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20mg SKE Crystal Plus Replacement Pods 2PCS 1.1Ω 2ml

SALE OR RETURN GUARANTEE available for this product!Return within 120 days if unsold (see terms) ...


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Aspire Gotek X Replacement Pods 2PCS 0.8Ω/0.6Ω Large

Designed to be compatible only with the Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit, these Aspire Gotek X Replacement ...

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Wholesale Replacement Pods & Vape Coils Q & A

What exactly are vape coils and how do they work?

Coils are designed to absorb and atomise e-liquid and consist of a wire and a wick. They are made from resistance wire and comprise a small heating element that is covered by synthetic foam or cotton, and housed within a steel or fibreglass casing. The wick soaks up the e-liquid, the coil then heats the wick and vaporises the liquid, allowing the user to inhale the vapour.


Coils are usually made from kanthal but there are also other options now available. The electrical resistance of the coil is one factor that influences the efficiency of the vaporisation process.

What are the different types of vape coil?

Depending on your customers' vaping needs, there are several different types of coils available. Each has its own benefits. As a general rule, high resistance coils result in a cooler vapour with smaller clouds than lower resistance coils.

Some different types of coil include: ceramic coils (commended for their flavour production), stainless steel coils (longer lasting), titanium coils (malleable and good at bringing out clean and crisp flavours), nickel coils (low resistance), and nichrome alloy coils (fast-heating and consistent flavour production). There are also sub-ohm coils and plus-ohm coils available that are designed for use with the relevant devices.

What is the best way to store vape coils?

Storing vape coils in the right manner is crucial to maintain their longevity and performance. The ideal location to store your vape coils is in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat or moisture can degrade the materials used in the coil, particularly the wicking material, which can result in a less than ideal vaping experience.

Additionally, you should aim to keep them in a clean, dust-free environment, as dust can clog up the coil, affecting its performance and potentially causing it to burn out more quickly. If the vape coils come in airtight packaging, it's advisable to keep them sealed until use to prevent exposure to outside elements.

Can vape coils be recycled?

The recyclability of vape coils depends on their construction. The metallic parts of the coil, usually made from materials like kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, or titanium, might be recyclable depending on your local recycling guidelines. However, the wicking material within the coil, which is often made from cotton, is generally not recyclable.

Additionally, due to the small size of vape coils and their mixed material construction, they may not be accepted by conventional recycling programs. It's always best to check with your local waste management facility for specific guidelines.

What materials are vape coils made from?

Vape coils are typically constructed from a few key materials. The actual coil part, which heats up to vaporise the e-liquid, is usually made from a type of resistant wire such as kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, or titanium. Each of these materials has its own characteristics in terms of heat resistance and compatibility with different types of devices or vaping modes.

The wicking material, which absorbs the e-liquid to be vaporised, is typically made from organic cotton due to its excellent absorption capabilities. However, other materials, like ceramic or silica, can also be used for wicking in certain types of coils.

How long do vape coils last?

The lifespan of vape coils can vary widely based on several factors including usage, type of e-liquid, and the power settings on your device. However, on average, a vape coil will last between one to four weeks before it needs to be replaced. Heavier vapers may find that their coils only last a week or less, while lighter vapers could get several weeks out of a coil. The type of e-liquid used can also affect the coil's lifespan.

For instance, sweeter e-liquids that contain a high level of VG (vegetable glycerin) can cause quicker coil degradation due to build-up on the coil.

What is the most popular type of vape coil?

The popularity of a particular type of vape coil often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the vaper. However, mesh and kanthal coils are among the most popular due to their ease of use and versatility. They have a balanced heat resistance and are compatible with variable wattage modes, making them an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced vapers. They are also known for their durability, which can extend the lifespan of the coil and result in a more cost-effective vaping solution.

What are the signs of a faulty vape coil?

Several signs can indicate a faulty or worn-out vape coil. One of the most noticeable is a burnt taste when vaping. This is usually the result of the wicking material inside the coil getting overheated or dried out. Reduced vapour production is another common sign that a coil may be on its last legs. Other symptoms can include leaking from the device, the device not firing correctly, or experiencing a gurgling sound during use. Finally, if your e-liquid tastes off or unusual, it could be an indication that your coil needs replacing.

Are there risks associated with old vape coils?

While using an old or burnt-out vape coil isn't necessarily harmful to your health, it can certainly lead to a poor vaping experience. Inhaling from a burnt-out coil can produce an unpleasant burnt taste. Additionally, if the coil isn't vaporising the e-liquid efficiently, you could be inhaling larger droplets of e-liquid, which could lead to discomfort or coughing. Therefore, it's recommended to replace coils as soon as they show signs of being worn out or faulty, not only for the quality of your vaping experience but also for your overall comfort.

What factors influence the lifespan of a vape coil?

The lifespan of a vape coil is influenced by several factors. The type of e-liquid used can have a significant impact. For example, sweeter e-liquids or those with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content can cause faster buildup on the coil, leading to a shorter lifespan. The frequency of vaping also plays a role; naturally, the more you vape, the quicker your coil will need replacing. The power settings on your device can also affect coil life. Using a high wattage setting can cause the coil to burn out faster. Finally, the quality of the coil itself and how well it's been maintained can also influence its longevity.

Can vape coils be cleaned?

Some types of vape coils can be cleaned, which can extend their lifespan. This typically involves rinsing the coil under warm (not hot) water to remove any e-liquid buildup. After rinsing, the coil should be left to dry completely before being used again, as using a wet coil can cause damage to your device. It's important to note, however, that this cleaning method isn't always effective, particularly for heavily used coils or those that have been burnt out. For these, replacement is typically the better option.

What is the difference between a standard coil and a sub-ohm coil?

The primary difference between a standard coil and a sub-ohm coil is the resistance. Standard coils, often called "above-ohm" or "high resistance" coils, have a resistance of 1 ohm or more. They use less power and produce less vapour, making them ideal for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which closely mimics the action of smoking a traditional cigarette.

On the other hand, sub-ohm coils have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. They use more power and produce more vapour, making them a popular choice for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping and cloud chasing.

Can I get custom-made vape coils?

Yes, it's possible to get custom-made vape coils. This option is typically more popular among experienced vapers, as custom coils allow for greater control over your vaping experience. However, they usually require a rebuildable atomiser (RBA), which requires a good understanding of ohm's law and battery safety. For new or casual vapers, pre-made coils are usually the safest and most convenient choice.

How does temperature control work with different types of vape coils?

Temperature control is a feature on some vape devices that allows you to set a specific temperature for your coil to reach, preventing overheating and providing a consistent vape. However, not all types of coils are compatible with temperature control. Nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils can typically be used with temperature control, as the resistance of these materials changes predictably with temperature. Kanthal and Nichrome coils, on the other hand, do not have a resistance that changes significantly with temperature, so they're not suitable for temp-controlled vaping.

How do vape coils affect battery life in a vape device?

The resistance of the coil can significantly impact the battery life of your vape device. Lower resistance coils (like sub-ohm coils) require more power to heat up, which can drain your battery faster. Higher resistance coils require less power, which can prolong battery life. However, other factors like your device's wattage setting and how frequently you vape can also impact battery life.

How do I properly prime a vape coil?

To prime a vape coil, start by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton in the coil to saturate it. Then install the coil into your tank and fill the tank with e-liquid. Wait for about 5-10 minutes before you start vaping. This allows the e-liquid to fully saturate the coil, preventing a dry hit or burning out the coil. Some vapers also take a few dry pulls (inhaling without firing the device) to help draw e-liquid into the coil.

What are mesh coils, and why are they used?

Mesh coils are a type of coil where a metal mesh is used in place of the traditional wire. The main advantage of mesh coils is that they have a larger surface area, which allows for more e-liquid to come into contact with the coil at once. This can result in better flavour production and larger vapour clouds. Mesh coils also heat up more evenly than traditional wire coils, reducing the chance of hot spots and increasing the lifespan of the coil.

What are ceramic coils, and why are they used?

Ceramic coils use a ceramic wicking material instead of the traditional cotton. Ceramic is more heat resistant than cotton, allowing the coil to withstand higher temperatures without burning. This can result in a cleaner, purer flavour from your e-liquid. Ceramic coils are also known to last longer than cotton coils, as they resist gunking up or burning out.

Are there vape coils specially designed for CBD oils?

Yes, there are coils specifically designed for vaping CBD oils. These are typically higher resistance coils with a focus on flavour rather than vapour production. This is because CBD oils require lower temperatures to vaporise compared to regular e-liquids, and producing large clouds can be wasteful as the aim is to absorb the CBD, not exhale it.

What are the potential challenges when replacing vape coils?

Replacing vape coils can present several challenges, particularly for new vapers. One potential issue is selecting the right coil for your device and vaping style. Not all coils are compatible with all devices, and using the wrong coil can damage your device or lead to a poor vaping experience. Another challenge is properly installing and priming the coil. If the coil is not installed correctly, it can cause leaking or poor performance.

Are there specific vape coils designed for cloud chasing?

Yes, certain types of coils are designed for cloud chasing. These are typically low resistance (sub-ohm) coils, which heat up quickly and produce large amounts of vapour. Mesh coils are also popular for cloud chasing due to their larger surface area, which can produce even bigger clouds.

How long do vape coils last?

How long vape coils last is largely dependent on the usage - but they are not intended to be reusable. Between two and four weeks would appear to be the 'average'. At this point, the cotton (or other absorbent material) will be unable to effectively soak up the e-liquid and the flavour will be corrupted. Many newer vapers do not realise this, and end up wondering why the taste has gone.

How do you know if/when a coil needs changing?

There are some key signs that a coil needs changing and has reached the end of its life. The first is that the taste will change - and not in a good way! A 'dying' coil may result in the flavour being diluted, mixed, or just seeming a bit strange. A totally dead coil will result in an unpleasant, acrid taste. The second is that the vape may start to gurgle; this is a clear sign of a need to change the coil. The third indication is that the amount of vapour produced will be much less than usual.

What are DIY vape coils?

DIY vape coils are coils that you build yourself. This involves shaping a piece of resistance wire into a coil, attaching it to your device's build deck, and adding a piece of wicking material. DIY coils allow you to customise your vaping experience, as you can control factors like coil resistance, the number of coils, and the type of wicking material used. However, building your own coils requires a good understanding of ohm's law and battery saftey.

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Understanding the Evolution of Vape Coils: A History for UK Businesses

In the burgeoning world of electronic cigarettes and vaping, a fundamental component has continually evolved to meet the demands of vapers: the vape coil. This small, yet essential part of the vaping device has undergone significant transformation since its inception. Understanding the history and evolution of vape coils is crucial for UK businesses aiming to stock these products. This blog will delve into the rich history of vape coils, offering insights to help businesses make informed wholesale purchases.

The Birth of Vaping and the First Vape Coils

The modern electronic cigarette concept was first patented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik. The initial device was primitive by today's standards, but the essence of vaping was there. The first-generation vape devices, or "cig-a-likes," resembled traditional cigarettes, both in appearance and usage. The early vape coil within these devices was rudimentary, typically using a silica wick enclosed by a metal coil. The coil, when heated, vaporised the liquid absorbed by the wick. These rudimentary coils were not user-replaceable, which meant when the coil degraded, the entire device was discarded.

The Rise of Cartomizers and Clearomizers

Following the cig-a-like era, the cartomizer was introduced. A step forward from the first generation, the cartomizer combined the previously separate cartridge and atomizer into one unit. This setup allowed for a larger storage of e-liquid and easier replacement of spent coils. Still, the primary material for the wicking system remained silica.

Shortly after, the clearomizer emerged, a crucial step towards today's sophisticated vape coil designs. These were transparent (hence the name), refillable tanks with replaceable coils. In clearomizers, silica began to be phased out in favour of more efficient wicking materials like cotton. The superior absorption of cotton allowed for better vapour production and flavour delivery.

The Sub-Ohm Revolution

The advent of sub-ohm coils was a game changer for the vaping industry. Prior to this, the standard resistance for vape coils was above 1 ohm. However, as vapers sought more substantial vapour clouds and intense flavour, manufacturers started producing coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. These sub-ohm coils required more power, but the enhanced experience they offered quickly caught on, marking a significant milestone in the vape coil timeline.

Modern Coils: Building Upon the Past

The rapid advancement of vape technology has led to an array of modern coil designs, all carrying forward elements from their predecessors. Vape coils today come in various materials, shapes, and sizes, each providing a distinct experience. For instance, stainless-steel and nickel coils are popular for temperature-controlled vaping, while kanthal remains a preferred choice for standard wattage mode. The wicking material has also evolved, with organic cotton and ceramic being favourites due to their superior wicking capabilities and pure flavour delivery.

Mesh Coils: A Leap Forward

Mesh coils represent one of the most significant recent developments in the vape coil landscape. Instead of a coiled wire, mesh coils utilise a perforated metal sheet, increasing the heating surface area and improving the evenness of heat distribution. This results in better vapour production, flavour, and coil longevity, making mesh coils a top choice for many vapers today.

Future Trends: What's Next for Vape Coils

The future of vape coils looks promising. As the industry is constantly innovating, we can expect the emergence of more efficient, durable, and eco-friendly coil designs. For instance, coil-less technology is already on the horizon, promising a longer lifespan and easier maintenance.

Navigating the Vape Coil Market for UK Businesses

Understanding the history of vape coils and staying abreast of the latest trends is essential for UK businesses in the vaping sector. The key to successful wholesale buying and stocking of vape coils lies in recognising the varied needs of vapers.

The customer base includes those who favour the ease of use of pre-made coils, the hobbyists who prefer building their own coils, and the cloud-chasers who seek sub-ohm vaping experiences. By stocking a variety of coils, from traditional wire coils to the latest mesh and future coil-less technologies, businesses can cater to a broader audience, optimising their market reach.

Always remember, in the dynamic world of vaping, knowledge and adaptability are vital. Stay informed, stay adaptable, and your business will thrive.

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