Wholesale Raw Rolling Tips & Filters

Renowned for its commitment to all-natural, unadulterated smoking essentials, Raw is a leading name in the realm of smoking-related products. The brand is widely celebrated for its top-tier tips and filters, known for their high quality and absence of chemicals, making them an ideal choice for customers seeking a purer, more authentic smoking experience.

At JM Wholesale, we offer an extensive array of wholesale Raw rolling tips and filters, available in boxes of 24 and 50. Our range encompasses various types of tips to cater to diverse customer preferences, including standard tips, perforated wide tips, and cone tips. Each product is crafted from unbleached natural cotton and hemp, free of any chemicals and chlorine, ensuring that the natural flavours and aromas are not compromised.

Additionally, we offer combination packs of tips and king-size rolling papers for those seeking a complete rolling solution. This is an excellent choice for customers who value convenience, as they can get their rolling papers and tips from the same trusted brand.

Our ordering process is designed for your convenience, promising quick, easy transactions and fast delivery anywhere in the UK. For businesses seeking a hassle-free retail solution, we offer a drop shipping service. This allows you to sell our products directly via your store throughout the year, without the need to maintain inventory yourself. This service simplifies your retail process, letting you focus on your core business while we handle the logistics.

Explore the natural, quality world of Raw products with JM Wholesale today.

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24 Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers + Tips (Connoisseur)

- Unrefined rolling paper- Purest Natural Fibres- Slim Size + Tips- 24 per Box

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50 Raw Classic Standard Tips

- Raw Classic Standard Tips  - Raw Tips Are unbleached - 50 Boxs Per Pack  

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24 Raw Organic Hemp King Size Slim Papers + Tips (Connoisseur)

- Unrefined Hemp rolling paper- Purest Natural Fibres- Slim Size + Tips- 24 per Box

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24 Raw Black Classic King Size Slim Connoisseur Rolling Papers + Tips

- Raw Black Classic Rolling papers + Tips- Purest Natural Fibres- Length: 110mm- King Size Slim- ...

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20 Raw Pre-Rolled Roach Tips

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are made from pure vegan-friendly fibres, and now come in a handy slide-top t...

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50 Raw Black Standard Classic Tips

- Raw Black Classic Standard Tips- Natural Unrefined Tips- Pack of 50

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24 Raw Classic Perfecto Cone Tips

- Natural Unrefined Cone Tips - Chemical and Chlorine Free - 32 Tips per Booklet - 24 Booklets p...

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High Roller’s Bible Filter Tip Facts By Smoke Dog - 322 Filter Tips

This book's jam-packed with tips for you to roll yourself and each one has a cool fact attached -...

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