What Are CBD Flowers?

Emma Rowlands
What Are CBD Flowers?

CBD is available in a range of forms, from edibles to smokeables, and everything in between. One area of interest right now is ‘CBD flowers’. In this article we will explore what CBD flowers are, how CBD flowers are different to CBD oils, and why CBD flowers remain illegal in the UK. We also offer you a great alternative to CBD flowers in the form of CBD vaping. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound derived from hemp. This plant extraction can be processed into an oil, which you can then deliver into your body via a tincture or spray. CBD oil can also be put into food and drinks, or be made into easy swallow capsules to be taken as food supplements. CBD is legal in the UK and in many countries worldwide. It does not contain any THC (or at least, it can contain 0.3% or less THC to remain legal), meaning it is not psychoactive and will not get you stoned. CBD is medicinal, and there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that it can be used to treat a wide range of ailments and diseases including epilepsy, skin conditions, and mental health problems. There is growing interest in other parts of the hemp plant, notably the flowers, which are not currently accessible on the UK market. 

What is a CBD Flower?

Unlike CBD oil, CBD flowers come from the hemp plant leaves and are delivered in the form of a ‘bud’ that has been dried out. It’s very similar to the ‘bud’ you’d smoke to get high on marijuana, and looks and smells almost identical. Many people think that hemp and marijuana plants are the same, but they are quite different and can be distinguished from one another by height and the positioning of the leaves. 

When using buds from a hemp plant, the CBD bud or flower will not get you stoned and is a cleaner and more efficient way of enjoying the medicinal effects of CBD without any of the psychoactive ones. It is also rich in terpenes such as myrcene, limonene and pinene which give the bud unique, wholesome flavours. 

And then there are the health benefits. The hemp plant has more than 500 compounds, and is rich in various health boosting properties, many of which are still being researched. 

CBD Oil Vs CBD Flower

The first thing we should say is that both CBD oil and CBD flowers are healthy, safe and easy to use. But currently only CBD oil is available to buy in the UK. Both CBD oil and CBD flowers come from the hemp plant and both are good for you and have medicinal purposes. So what’s the difference? Well, speed of absorption is one of the main benefits of CBD flowers, which, when inhaled into the lungs, can get working instantly and last for hours. It also bypasses the liver, so there’s no filtering to the strength of the CBD flower and there are no negative side effects. CBD oils can be slightly less potent and can take longer to build up in the body. However, CBD is the only legal option at the time of writing. 

How To Use CBD Flowers?

There are two popular ways to use CBD flowers. The first is to smoke them in the same way you would a marajuana bud. You roll it using a rolling kit and smoke it by lighting the end. This is the most popular way to use a CBD flower because it gives an instant hit. The other option is to vape the flowers using a vaporizer. The vaporizer will heat the bud to an optimal temperature so that, instead of inhaling smoke, you are inhaling vapour. 

CBD flowers can also be proceeded into skin creams and other topicals, but typically the whole point of a bud is to smoke it. 

Why are CBD Flowers Illegal In The UK?

As already mentioned, CBD flowers come from the hemp plant and do not contain enough THC to be psychoactive. So why aren’t they legal? After all, CBD oil is very similar and is legally sold and used in the UK. 

Well, the issue with CBD flowers is all in the cultivation of the hemp plant. Hemp cultivation in the UK requires a licence that permits only fibre and seeds to be processed for commercial use. The rest of the hemp plant needs to be destroyed, and this includes the CBD flowers. No matter how medicinal they are, and how little THC content they have, they cannot be used for extraction, and still fall under the generic term ‘cannabis’. 

Another issue is that a CBD bud looks and smells almost identical to a marajuana bud, which remains illegal. This means that if police were to seize buds from a civilian, they would not be able to tell at first glance whether or not the bud is from hemp or marajuana. With laws relaxing around CBD and even around cannabis, there may be reason to be hopeful that in the future, you can buy CBD flowers legally in the UK.

Alternatives to CBD Flowers

With CBD flowers still being illegal in the UK, you might be looking for some alternatives. The benefit of CBD flowers is that you can smoke or vape them, so the best alternative available on the market would be vaping. 

Vaping CBD is easy and there is no shortage of variety out there when it comes to vaping options. You can vape CBD as a disposable vape pen, which means you are given the CBD pre-loaded into the pen and vape a certain number of puffs until it runs out. Or you can buy CBD as an e-liquid and put it into your vape kit. CBD vaping liquid comes in a range of interesting flavours and strengths, so that you can customise your CBD vaping experience to suit your preferences. 

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