Wholesale Maskking Disposable Vapes

Maskking is an industry-leading vaping company founded in 2015, specialising in R&D and creating innovative vaping products that focus on unique design and premium quality materials to provide a safe nicotine alternative for consumers. Maskking has seen significant success in the Asian market, leading the company to expand their reach into the international markets, setting up an entirely separate manufacturing facility to cater to the ever-growing e-cigarette industry since 2018. With this massive rise in searching for tobacco alternatives through vaping products in the UK.

Maskking has now entered the UK market intent on making waves with its diverse range of vaping products that showcase a variety of independent and distinctive designs, such as their Maskking Creamy, combined with devices like the Maskking Pen X and Maskking Pen Y that show more traditional design elements for those who prefer a more subtle and sleek experience with their vaping device.  

With the number of disposable vapes in the UK the variety of designs and premium quality Maskking is now providing the UK market. JM Wholesale are proud to partner with this international behemoth to bring these products to your UK vape stores. So if you're looking for next-day delivery for high-quality vaping devices both with nicotine and nicotine-free options, look no further than JM Wholesale to purchase your Maskking products today.


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0mg Maskking High GTS Zero Disposable Vape Device 2500Puffs

The 0mg Maskking High GTS Zero Disposable Vape Device offers a convenient, high-quality vaping ex...

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0mg Maskking Aroma Zero Disposable Vape Device 6000 Puffs

The 0mg Maskking Aroma Zero Disposable Vape Device offers a convenient and long-lasting vaping ex...

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20mg MASKKING Pen Y Disposable Vape 600 Puffs

Ignite your passion for vaping with the groundbreaking MASKKING Pen Y Disposable Vape. Featuring ...

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20mg MASKKING Pen X Disposable Vape 600 Puffs

Experience the ultimate convenience and satisfaction with the MASKKING Pen X Disposable Vape. Wit...

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20mg MASKKING Creamy Disposable Vape 600 Puffs

Indulge in the creamy and satisfying experience of MASKKING's 20mg Creamy Disposable Vape. With i...

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