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12 x 2 Parts New High Grade Electric Grinder - HX104

- 2 Part Design - Mobile operated - High Grade - Electric Grinder - Plastic  - Shark Teeth - 12 p...

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Nov 26

A Brief History of CBD

Cannabis has actually been used by people for thousands of years, so the popularity of CBD today is more of a revival. As research piles up, CBD is on the path to becoming increasingly accepted.

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Nov 21

The Legal Status of CBD in the UK (and beyond)

CBD is legal in the UK as long as it’s derived from industrial hemp that’s EU-approved and its THC content is below 0.2%. While CBD laws vary per country, EU is generally the most open to CBD.

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Nov 11

How Safe is Vaping?

Everyone’s been talking about vaping recently because of the situation in the US, with several e-cigarette users dying and more in hospitals with severe lung injuries. Public opinion about vaping has always been divided, but the situation in the US has intensified the debate on how safe vaping really is.

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Oct 23

The Future of CBD in the UK

CBD (cannabidiol) products are on the rise globally, and the UK is no exception. From CBD-infused coffee to CBD gummies, it has exploded into an...

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Oct 16

A Complete Guide to CBD Oil

Once a fringe product, CBD oil has been attracting more attention in the UK over the past few years, and public interest in it is...

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Oct 02

Vaping Stats Roundup

It’s been more than ten years since vaping was introduced to the UK. From being a fringe activity, vaping has boomed into a thriving billion...

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