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Now that most people own multiple gadgets, there’s a real need for cables to keep them charged up and to transfer data. People are constantly losing their cables and needing replacements, so make sure they can find what they need in your store.

Here you will find a huge range of cables for all purposes. We’ve got VGA, USB, Mini USB, HDMI, Ethernet, A/V cables and more, so your customers will be able to find everything they need for all of their gadgets and devices. And because we only stock cables from trusted manufacturers, you know you are buying quality items every time.

Choose your cables and complete your order quickly and easily right here on the website. There is no minimum order value, and we provide next-day delivery to the UK mainland. And don’t forget that we also have a dropshipping service if you want to keep your online store stocked with all of our products.

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Inkax VOU Super Speed Data USB I-Phone Cable Cable 1M - CK13

1m long MultiSync Super Speed Data Cable Lightning Connectivity I-Phone Combatable Super Strong

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1m Kaku I-Phone Cable

- Made in China- Length: 1M- Material: TPE Wire- I-Phone Charger Cable- Simple and Stylish Square...

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Inkax Samsung Type C Cable 2M - CK65

- 2M long - MultiSync - Super Fast Charger - Mobile Micro - Super Strong

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CAT 5E  Ethernet RJ45 Blue Cable

- Blue: 3m, 15m and 20m - LAN Network Patch Lead

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