CBD, CBG & CBC White Label Manufacturers UK

Developing Bespoke White Label CBD
Products for Your Brand

If you’re looking to launch the next big line of high-quality white label CBD products then we can help. Our established CBD white labelling service empowers you to create amazing products in slick eye catching designs and packaging, and all complying to UK and international regulations. We are the largest CBD wholesaler in the UK so we’ve got a deep understanding of the industry and what you’re up against in terms of competition.


Whether you’re looking to create a range of CBD oil, CBD skincare, or CBD food, our private label service will handle everything, from R&D all the way to marketing and distribution. In fact we supply over 4000 CBD businesses across the UK, which means you have a ready made network of potential distributors.

Each CBD whitelabel product we create is carefully customised to your specifications so that your brand stands out. All you need to do is let us know what type of CBD product (or products) you require, your specifications, as well as your preferred raw materials and where you want them sourced, and we will take care of the rest.

White Label CBD Products

We have cemented a legacy of delivering a variety of excellent CBD products in our ten years in the industry. With our help, we can create a product or product range that appeals to your target niche and helps to establish your brand, whatever your long term goals are.

Our customised CBD products include:


White Label CBD Oils

We offer a wide range of CBD oils, from all-around
full-spectrum oils to potent isolates. Whether you’re looking to tap into the market for food additives or CBD oils directly, you can trust us to create and manufacture market leading CBD supplements.


White Label CBD Vape Liquids

Create versatile CBD vaping e-liquids, so your target market of
vapers can enjoy the various wellness benefits of CBD while CBD consumers can partake of their preferred supplements in a fun new way. Our vape liquids follow industry benchmarks for their effectiveness, flavour, and purity, passing rigorous tests conducted by independent labs.


In addition to our fruity, citrus, and other
tropical mix flavours, we can also create
terpene-infused CBD e-liquids or pure
blend CBD, CBG, and other minor
cannabinoids—a sure way to give the discerning
vape connoisseur the multi-dimensional
CBD flavour profiles they are looking for.


White Label CBD Drinks

Whether it’s a calming can of CBD-infused green tea or a
nutritious post-workout CBD protein shake, we can create
quality CBD drinks with all kinds of tasty flavours, including matcha, coffee, vanilla, fruity profiles, and many more.


We also have premium soluble CBDs that can easily be added to water, tea, milk, or any beverage. And thanks to their
high bioavailability, customers can absorb
more CBD content and at a much faster rate
as opposed to eating CBD-infused foods.


White Label CBD Food

All the nourishing qualities of CBD packed into delectable snacks
candies, syrups, and spreads. Your customers can enhance their diet with good CBD food. The options for creating your own brand of CBD infused foods are literally limitless, so call us to let us know what food groups you have in mind.


White Label CBD Skincare

If you’re looking to launch the next
big CBD skincare line, you can pick from
our extensive line of products- from
lotions and lip balms to bath bombs and beard oils - all of which typically contain hemp seed oil. This means that your products will promote softer and healthier skin, thanks to CBD’s natural
skin emollient and moisturising


White Label CBD Capsules

For the no-frills CBD customers who just want to take their daily
dose of supplements and be able to bring them wherever they go,
our CBD capsules and softgels come in a variety of portable
containers that can fit 20 to 90 capsules or more if you prefer.


White Label CBD Coffee Machines

Tap into the lucrative CBD coffee enthusiast market and create a high-performance CBD coffee machine, which can also be used for non-CBD drinks. Your imagination is your only limit, as you can come up with a variety of beverages using these machines.


In fact, this is only a short list of what is possible with CBD coffee machines:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Latte

Click here to explore our Coffee Machine options.

A World of Other White Label CBD Products

The products listed above are just a few of the popular products we can produce for you white label but it’s worth remembering as well that we don’t just do white label products. As long as they comply with existing regulations and legal requirements, we can create fully customised products to your exact specifications, so there really is no limit to what we can do.

With so many innovative CBD products now hitting the market, from lubes to hot chocolate, your imagination really is your only limit when it comes to manufacturing your new and exciting new CBD range. If you have an idea, then give us a call and we can talk over the logistics and next steps with you.

White Label CBD Manufacturers UK

How We Can Help You

We have proven to be an industry leader with our decade-spanning experience and the tens of thousands of products we’ve released across various markets around the world. Every step in our process, from CBD manufacturing to branding, has been fine tuned to allow you flexibility over the design and branding process, delivering you a final product that fits perfectly with your
stated requirements.

For insight into how we make CBD products, here’s each stage of our white label services explained:

Research &
Raw Materials
Testing &
Design &
Fulfilment &

Research and Development

Your specifications serve as the foundation upon which our team of scientists, engineers, and industrial designers can build your prototype CBD product. We have ISO-certified labs outfitted with the latest technology so we can conduct R&D with quality as our top priority. Using only premium ingredients and advanced techniques in the process, we ensure the resulting product is a step above your competition’s offerings.


Sourcing CBD Raw Materials

To make the best products, you need to ensure that your
CBD materials are of premium quality, which is why our products are all made in the UK, Europe, or USA. All you need to do is tell us where you want your raw materials sourced. Whether that’s from Colorado or California, we assure you that your products came from GMP-certified and ISO-accreditedfacilities, passed rigorous tests, and contain only the ingredients that are needed.