10 Surprising Facts About Quitting Smoking

Emma Rowlands
10 Surprising Facts About Quitting Smoking

We all know that quitting or cutting down on smoking tobacco is good for your health. The quit smoking campaigns have now been around for decades and we are all familiar with the links between smoking, cancer risks and heart disease. 

But if you still haven't managed to make the switch from tobacco to a nicotine replacement or vaping kit, some of these surprising facts about quitting smoking might help persuade you. 

Surprising Facts About Quitting Smoking

1. You'll be less (not more) stressed

Many smokers believe that smoking cigarettes de-stresses them. But this is a red herring. Craving nicotine makes you feel stressed and anxious, so when you finally get a nicotine hit, you feel less stressed than you did while craving. If you quit smoking altogether, you won't experience these cravings and therefore you won't feel as stressed. Alternatively, you can begin vaping CBD which naturally keeps your stress levels low without the ups and downs of nicotine withdrawal. 

2. Your skin will glow

Smoking tobacco not only clogs your pores, but cause premature ageing especially around the mouth where wrinkles can appear. Smoking can also cause or worsen skin conditions like psoriasis, which can be unsightly and irritating. Quitting smoking can undo some of these issues, and prevent them from worsening. If you need a helping hand, you can also add a CBD face cream into your routine. 

3. You'll have more freedom to walk around the streets

It was almost two decades ago that smoking started to become prohibited in public spaces like pubs and clubs. Now, entire cities are enforcing smoking bans even out in the street. Cities like Newcastle and Manchester have already declared an interest in being smoke free cities by 2030, and banning smoking in the street or in beer gardens is one step towards that. So, by going tobacco free and swapping to a vape or nicotine replacement product you will have the same freedoms as non smokers without feeling restricted about where you can go. 

 4. You'll be contributing to a fairer world

The tobacco industry is linked to the exploitation of workers overseas. In fact, in some countries, small children are even made to work in the production of tobacco. Unfair wages and long working hours are all part of the deal in some companies. By failing to give your money to big tobacco factories, you stop contributing to this problem. 

5. You'll maintain better eye health

Lungs, hearts and mouth diseases are well known as smokers' diseases. But did you know that smoking also harms your eyesight? Tobacco smokers have a higher risk of cataracts, glaucoma and general vision loss. 

6. You'll have better hearing health

Similarly, smoking tobacco is linked to hearing loss in adults. In fact, the risk of hearing loss in smokers if 70% higher than non smokers! Reasons for this are mixed, but they are not linked to nicotine intake, rather than the many other chemicals found in tobacco that are not found in vaping products. Therefore if you swap to vaping, you minimise this risk. 

7. You'll delay menopause

Hey girls, did you know that smoking is linked to premature menopause? Nobody likes those cold sweats and hot flashes, and quitting tobacco can help deter menopause for a further 1-4 years

8. You'll recover from surgery quicker

Many people have to undergo surgery, from routine minor surgery to major operations. Smokers take longer to recover from surgery, and are less susceptible to post surgery complications and infections!

9. You're less likely to break a bone

Tobacco smokers have weaker and poorer boy density than non smokers, meaning a fall could result in a fracture. When you swap to a nicotine replacement or vaping, your bones become stronger again. 

10. Your mental health will thank you

Finally, the mental health benefits of quitting smoking are well documented. You are less likely to develop depression, schizophrenia, OCD and anxiety if you stop smoking tobacco. 

What Next?

Quitting smoking takes courage, but it is now easier than ever before to do it. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking and is proven to be 95% healthier. Vaping means you are only ingesting nicotine alongside some safe ingredients, rather than the hundreds of poisons found in tobacco. 

If you are ready to make the switch, you can begin with one of our popular disposable vaping kits. The Elf Bar Cigalike is an ideal vape kit to begin with because it mimics a cigarette in look and feel. It also offers tobacco flavour for those who want a more authentic smoking experience. It has 20mg nicotine which will satisfy your cravings while allowing your body to heal from the damage caused by tobacco. 

If you fancy having a refillable vape rather than a disposable, you could try the Elf Bar Elf Mate 500, which you can refill with a number of e-liquids to suit your taste.

We have a large selection of e-liquids to choose from, including low and zero nicotine varieties if you want to say goodbye to nicotine altogether. You can also mix a shortfill e-liquid with nicotine salts to customise your nicotine intake. This is so that you are not restricted by the nicotine regulations set within the vaping industry and can create your own special blend. 

Finally, you can try our CBD range. CBD can help if you are experiencing withdrawal from nicotine and wish to move away from nicotine altogether. CBD is a healthy compound derived from the cannabis plant, and can be vaped or ingested in other ways depending on your preferences. It is not the same as smoking cannabis, as it is not psychoactive, and can help with any cravings or unpleasant symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. Check out our CBD vape range here.

If you have any questions, we welcome you to get in touch with us. 


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