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JM Wholesale is delighted to bring you Tenshi Vapes, a brand that champions a healthier lifestyle by encouraging a transition from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes. Tenshi Vapes partners only with the world's leading manufacturers, ensuring that their e-liquids are crafted from premium, high-quality ingredients.

The vision of Tenshi Vapes transcends the creation of e-liquids; they aspire to a smoke-free world. To actualise this vision, they focus not just on product development but also on educating consumers, providing them with the support they need to switch to vaping and guiding them along this new journey.

Tenshi Vapes is devoted to offering the highest quality premium e-liquids, brought to life with a blend of originality, creativity, and ingenuity. Their approach is designed to bring clarity and quality to a potentially oversaturated marketplace, leading with with premium products, unique storytelling, and healthier lifestyle choices.

Quality is the guiding principle at Tenshi Vapes. It permeates every facet of their operations, from the conceptualisation of flavours to the packaging of the final product. Central to this quality-centric approach is the crafting of their e-liquids.

Tenshi Vapes adopts a meticulous approach to ensure the superiority of their products. Their process involves constant quality testing and improvement of their product range. The creation of each flavour involves multiple stages of research and development.

The process commences with in-house group tasting sessions where the Tenshi team assesses each flavour based on vapour production, smoothness, and taste. The team then evaluates if the flavour can be enhanced and if it meets the high standards set by their current offerings. If a flavour doesn't meet these standards, the quest for perfection continues until they create an e-liquid worthy of the top spot.

The endeavour to perfect their flavours is time-intensive, but Tenshi Vapes believes that the effort invested reflects in the quality and taste of every single product. They take inspiration from their customers, actively seeking feedback to understand what their customers desire next.

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