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If you are an existing Dropshipping customer looking to cancel or amend your plan, then please contact your manager on
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Dropshipping Registration

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international customer, then you can
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Dropshipping Registration

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Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions shall act as the
Dropshipping Agreement between
JM Wholesale (the supplier) and you (the reseller).

Please find all of our drop-shipping policies linked below.

Payment Terms

We take all payments via Direct Debit through GoCardless.

Our Dropshipping Service is a paid upfront service.

This means that we pay our integration partner before your plan
starts. Therefore, there is no refund process for your dropshipping fee after it has been paid for.

The service can be discontinued at any time by sending an email
to dropshipping@jm-wholesale.co.uk

If you do not have access to a bank account with sort code and
account number, then you can exit this window and contact
your Dropshipping Manager on 07932 553 113 or

By signing up to our Dropshipping Service you are agreeing to all
of the above terms and conditions.

For any queries regarding our Terms & Conditions, please contact on 07932 553 113 or dropshipping@jm-wholesale.co.uk

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All of our plans are free from contacts and can be cancelled at anytime!

You can learn more about the plans on our introduction page here.

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website or an online business.


This plan is perfect for start-ups
and small businesses.

FROM £49.99 a month

Perfect for medium and advanced
businesses who already have a customer base.

Please note: our Premium Plan is currently
only supported for following platforms:

If your platform is not on this list,
then please do not select the Premium plan.

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