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Twist is an American e-liquid maker based in California. It was founded a few years ago and its popularity took off when it launched a selection of delicious flavours like Pink Punch, which proved to be a huge hit. It has since won awards for its flavours, and its e-liquids continue to be popular around the world.

Browse the Twist e-liquids at JM Wholesale today and choose from a selection of 50ml shortfills. We’ve got lots of great flavours to choose from, including popular flavours like Lemon Twist, Cookie Twist, Mango Twist and more. These premium-quality e-liquids are available in all the flavours your customers want, so stock up today.

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Berry Twist 0mg 50ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG) Berry Twist 0mg 50ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG) Berry Twist 0mg 50ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG)

Berry Twist 0mg 50ml Shortfill (70VG/30PG)

A8Please note:As this is a clearance product, our policy remains that we do not accept any return...

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