Why Dropshipping Is A Great Idea In 2023

Emma Rowlands
Why Dropshipping Is A Great Idea In 2023

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that the world benefits from being able to transact online. The pandemic was a catalyst for an increase in online grocery delivery, social media use, virtual education and yes, online shopping. That's why now is the time to launch and run an online business that delivers everyday items such as vape kits and CBD beauty products right to your customers' doors. That is exactly what dropshipping allows you to do, and you can begin providing this service with almost no startup costs, today. 

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is something anyone can do, no matter your business experience. It is the process of buying in a product (such as a vape kit) and selling it on for a profit to your customer base, but without handling the shipping, packaging or returns. It can be set up right away, without any hassle. There are very few overheads and you won't need to store any inventory anywhere. All you need to run your own dropshipping business is a computer or smartphone, internet connection and enough money to invest in a basic marketing strategy. You can dropship just about anything, but some websites (such as JM Wholesale) are designed with dropshipping as a fully integrated, accessible service that anyone can sign up to. 

Why Is 2023 A Great Year For Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an innovative and modern business model that can be implemented in pretty much any industry, from clothing and accessories to specialist foods and healthcare supplies. Even if you have never heard of it before, you can get involved and won't need to do much in the way of learning. But why start now? What opportunities lay ahead? Here's why 2023 is a great year to begin your dropshipping business. 

1. We've learned lessons from the pandemic

The general population worldwide had to learn how to use the internet to buy products and services once the pandemic hit. It is now more normal than ever before to switch on an iPad and order your groceries or use a healthcare service. One survey showed that 75% of respondents said they were more comfortable using online public services after the pandemic, and 3 in 5 older people said they were now happier with online shopping than before.

With so many people now using the internet as their first choice of consuming information and products, it's a great time to launch an online business. Your market will have grown exponentially since pre-pandemic times. 

2. Certain markets are booming

According to research, certain markets are predicted to skyrocket in 2023. Some of these are:

  • Health supplements and immunity boosters, including CBD based products like capsules and ointments. 
  • Electric cars
  • Genetic testing
  • Elderly health support
  • Lab meat
  • Home security
  • RVs and caravans
  • Subscription boxes

Given that natural health supplements, immunity boosters and elderly health support are likely to be growing markets, you might be wise to start a dropshipping business that focuses on this area as it is easy to manage. 

3. Many households need extra cash

2023 is likely to cause some economic hardship, with the end of 2022 seeing rising cost of living and soaring energy prices. You might benefit from some extra money in your bank account by starting a dropshipping business to offset some of these costs. Now, we know what you are thinking, if there is an economic downturn, won't fewer people be buying? The answer is, not if you are selling something they need. For example, if you are selling smoking accessories and vaping kits, then this is deemed a necessity in many families and not something they want to do without. Selling vaping kits online can be a good way of getting a steady income while providing people with something that they genuinely need. 

4. You can work from home

Working from home is now more popular than ever, and something that is deeply desired by many people. Working from home can benefit parents and carers, or anyone who requires some flexibility and work-life balance. Dropshipping can be done from your laptop or smart device, and does not require a physical premises or stock room. You just submit your order online, and the product is sent to the customer. You then receive the profit. It's that simple. Working from home means you can free yourself up in many other ways and achieve a better quality lifestyle. 

Why Choose JM Wholesale?

JM Wholesale allows you to start your very own dropshipping business using any product listed on the website. This includes:

  • Smoking accessories
  • CBD products
  • Disposable vapes
  • Vape Kits
  • Nootropics

You can select any of these products and have them added to your online inventory via our fully automated integration service. Furthermore, JM Wholesale will help you to set up your own website as an added feature, and will give you different package options to choose from depending on your selling preferences and business size. 

There are no hidden costs and the monthly price you are quoted on the website is what you will pay, excluding the cost of any products you order from us for your customers. What you sell your products for is entirely up to you, but all of your customers will benefit from high quality fully regulated products, including CBD that has been lab tested and vape kits that follow all UK regulations. 

Lastly, JM Wholesale are committed to giving you a huge range of products to sell to your customers. Everything from bongs and grinders to pet CBD and CBD drinks, can be found in our catalogue of products. 

You can speak to one of our experts about which products are best sellers, and how to customise your business to make the most out of each market. 

Thinking about joining us? Head over to our dedicated dropshipping page for more information on signing up, costs and how it all works. 


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