The Social Benefits of Vaping

Emma Rowlands
The Social Benefits of Vaping

Fewer people are smoking cigarettes. Data from the USA showed that in 2018, 66% of smoking adults had successfully quit, and in the UK in 2020, a million managed to cut the habit. With new laws being implemented around the world making it hard to buy and sell cigarettes, we should see the number of cigarette smokers diminish down to zero in the not so distant future. 

But, if you are still smoking and thinking about switching to vaping instead, you might want to better understand the benefits of doing so. First of all, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. This is because the only commonality they have is nicotine, and the nicotine is not the most harmful chemical in cigarettes. Your health suffers because of the other chemicals in tobacco, which are not found in vapes. 

Another benefit of vaping is the social aspects. We'll explain more about this now. 

Smoking can be antisocial 

Smoking cigarettes can be an antisocial behaviour, which more than two third of surveyed smokers agree with. Whereas vaping is a lot more friendly to those around you. When you smoke a cigarette, people around you will passively smoke it. This means they breathe in the same chemicals as you. This can be very off-putting to friends and family, who may wish to distance themselves from you when you are smoking (or shortly after). You also may find that, if your family and friends are non-smokers, that you have to remove yourself from social events or time together to smoke a cigarette outside, therefore missing out on quality time with others. 

Vaping can be inclusive

Vaping does not knowingly harm those around you, so you can vape in the presence of others without them being put off. Granted, if you are vaping an incredibly potent flavour of e-liquid, they may want to step away from you, but inhaling this second-hand won't have an adverse effect on their health. Furthermore, it is possible to vape indoors without the same detrimental effects as smoking indoors. If your family and friends are comfortable, they may be happy for you to vape in the lounge or kitchen so that you can join in the fun and not miss out by having to go outside. 

Vaping can be a hobby

There's much fun and variety to be had with vaping. If you are new to this, you could begin by experimenting with different e-liquid flavours. You could even swap them with friends or try each other's collections. If you are a more advanced vaper, you could join up with a friend to do some coil building or build your own vapes together. You could also create your own e-liquids and sell them to friends and family. There are many hidden hobbies within the world of vaping to be found. 

There's money to be made from vaping

If you get to know the vaping industry, or find a new love of vaping, you can easily set up your own vaping e-commerce store and make money from it. You can do this independently or via our JM Wholesale dropshipping service. The dropshipping service means all you have to do is focus on marketing and selling the vaping products, and JM Wholesale will take care of the rest. That includes overseeing the packaging, delivery and returns on your behalf. It is safe, legal and easy to sell vapes, and given that this is a growing market, you are bound to find customers. So, what are the social benefits to selling vapes? You earn more money, freeing you up to enjoy more of a social life, you also meet new people along the way and engage in social media more to promote your brand. 

Smoking can smell bad

Most smokers can't smell the smoke on their clothes and hair. They get so used to it that it becomes normal. The same can be said for a smoker's home if they tend to smoke indoors. But the smell is very obvious to non-smokers and can be off-putting. Vaping on the other hand does not make your clothes and hair smell bad, which can only enhance your social life. 

Smoking can hinder dating

On many popular dating apps, you are asked to display your smoker status. Similarly you can filter your search results to see only smokers or only non smokers. If a non smoker would prefer to date another non smoker (and this is often the case), you can be eliminated from many prospective date's search results. Vaping, on the other hand, is not the same as smoking. Many non smokers are happy to date vapers. Making this simple switch could mean you meet the love of your life!

Smoking can lower libido

Speaking of dating, smoking cigarettes has been shown to cause erectile and libido issues, which can be turned around if the smoking is replaced with vaping. You might find your sex and love life therefore improves with vaping. 

Quitting smoking can lift depression

There is a strong correlation between smoking tobacco and depression. The two seem to go hand in hand and form a downward spiral. The more you smoke, the more depressed you can feel. And the more depressed you feel, the more you might smoke to try and find comfort. When you quit smoking, perhaps with the help of vaping, your depression might ease off slightly and makes you feel more sociable. 

Vaping is cheaper

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. It can cost thousands of pounds per year to sustain the habit and this expense is only expected to rise. Consequently, you have less money to enjoy social events, gigs, holidays and trips away. When you swap to vaping, you can literally save thousands, as vaping is a fraction of the cost. You end up with more money to spend on a quality social life - something your friends and family will be thankful for. 

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