The Best CBD Gifts for Your Family This Christmas

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The Best CBD Gifts for Your Family This Christmas

CBD has come a long way as a consumer product. It wasn’t too long ago when the legality of CBD was being hotly debated and its effects were wildly misunderstood thanks to its association with cannabis. Nowadays, however, more people understand what it does, which side of the law it falls on, and how beneficial it can be for wellness.

In fact, this once controversial chemical compound is now a popular holiday gift that even family members give to one another. If you need gift ideas for this Christmas, check out any of these great CBD products.

1. CBD Natural Pure Honey

Sweeten the holiday season the healthy way with Moods and Bears CBD Natural Pure Honey. Choose from a wide variety of delicious flavours including lime for a boost of energy, orange blossom for healing and happiness, and eucalyptus for inner peace.

All varieties are extracted purely from natural sources to ensure maximum organic potency and have been lab tested for safety. Just a teaspoon or two is enough to benefit from its CBD content.

You can give this to the home cook who loves experimenting with new flavours or when they want to enjoy tea without having to put sugar in their cup.

2. CBD Massage Oil

Ease the stress of everyday living with CBDLife CBD Massage Oil.

There are two essential oil blends to use for a specific kind of massage. If you want to wind down and achieve peace of mind, take the floral blend of lavender and ylang ylang in the Relax formulation. For an invigorating massage that will help you get back to doing physical activities, the Refresh blend of eucalyptus and peppermint is ideal.

Each 250ml bottle contains 500mg CBD along with natural ingredients such as grape seed oil, almond sweet oil, and vitamin E oil.

A loved one who comes home every day exhausted from the day’s labour will surely appreciate this gift of relaxation and restoration.

3. CBD Muscle Balm

Body aches are not something anyone has to suffer from, especially come Christmas time. Help relieve your loved ones of muscle pain when you get them Ultracalm CBD Muscle Balm. It can be applied to specific body parts for targeted pain relief, including creaky joints, sore backs, and stiff necks.

This muscle balm takes some cues from traditional Chinese medicine with curative and aromatic ingredients and blends them with the science of CBD for a potent healing mix.

Whether it’s for your fitness-minded sister looking to add to her post-workout ritual or your workhorse of a brother juggling jobs and in dire need of relief, this CBD balm will be a welcome present.

4. CBD Hyaluronic Serum

The restorative properties of CBD can work wonders for the skin. When paired with other skincare solutions, CBD’s effects can be even more pronounced. Such is the case with CBD Leafline’s CBD 1% Hyaluronic Serum, a robust anti-aging serum loaded with antioxidants.

It contains a tiny portion of hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin smooth, soft, and moisturised throughout the day. The infusion of CBD provides an anti-inflammatory benefit, which is perfect for those suffering from acne.

The whole package is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and made in the UK, so you can gift it to your socially aware or beauty blogger family members with zero apprehension while also supporting local businesses.

5. CBD Gourmet Ground Coffee

Power through the cold winter with an energising cup of hot coffee prepared using Equilibrium CBD Gourmet Ground Coffee. This bag mixes toffee with walnut that has a light citrus zest for a delicate yet delightful taste.

The single-origin, medium-roasted Colombian coffee beans remain flavourful even with the added CBD. They still have that much needed kick of caffeine without the usual side-effects of jitters and insomnia, thanks to the relaxing properties of CBD.

From your hard-working blue-collar parents to your siblings burning the midnight oil studying for exams, they will surely be grateful for this gift of gourmet ground coffee.

6. CBD Health Immune Support Tea

Health may just be the most important thing to watch out for in the world we live in today. Keep your loved ones in the pink of health with Canabidol Health Immune Support Tea. It is the first and only CBD tea available in the UK that can confidently claim to support the immune system.

This product has been flavoured with real cannabis terpenes, which have been expertly formulated to produce an exquisite lemon flavour. Improving your immune system is easy when it tastes this good! Show your grandparents that you care for their well-being with this lovely cup of lemon tea.

7. CBD Oral Sleep Capsules

The unique pressures of this pandemic has a lot of people filled with anxiety to the point that it’s hard for some to get a good night’s sleep. Give the most stressed out members of your family the gift of rest with Canabidol’s CBD Oral Sleep Capsules.

A pack contains 30 capsules that each have 10mg of CBD and a mix of lavender and chamomile for a soothing effect that aids in sleep. The capsules are also chock-full of vitamins and minerals to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

8. CBD Sweets

It can be hard to get through a day without snacking, but this habit can lead to long-term health problems. Substitute the empty calories of junk food snacks with CBD Asylum’s CBD Sweets. These are great hard candy treats with a healthy dose of CBD.

The CBD Asylum offering comes in many different flavours, including cola chunks, chocolate limes, everton mints, mega sour raspberries, and sherbet lemons. You can also choose to get a mix of your favorite flavours. Take advantage of the buy one, get one free deal to spread some sweet Christmas cheer to the entire family.

9. Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Alongside the growing acceptance of CBD usage, vaping is also becoming more widespread. It can be considered a better alternative to smoking, and can help wean people off the habit entirely. The Cali Greens CBD GO Disposable Vape Pen might just be what your smoker loved one needs to start thinking about change upon entering the new year.

This vape pen is perfect for beginners. It is simple to use with no complicated mechanisms, and it comes with 120mg of CBD that’s ready to puff for up to 400 times. The pocket-sized form also makes it easy to carry around wherever. Choose from four different flavours that all make for a smooth first-time experience.

Have a Merry CBD Christmas

CBD is no longer just for the most avid health-focused users. As you can see in this list, just about everyone in the family can enjoy such varied hemp-based products. Introduce your closest loved ones to the bountiful benefits of CBD this Christmas and forge an even tighter bond even during these trying times.

Since January 2019 CBD has been considered a ‘novel food’,  meaning that you need to apply to the FSA for authorisation to sell it in the UK. At JM Wholesale, all the CBD products we stock are Novel food compliant, meaning you can buy with confidence, knowing they’re fully approved by the Food Standards Agency.

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