Selecting Disposable Vapes: Top Tips for Retailers

Jonathan Dunkley
Selecting Disposable Vapes: Top Tips for Retailers
With the surge in popularity of disposable vapes, smokers worldwide are beginning to favour these convenient alternatives to traditional cigarettes. However, for retailers, this booming market can appear as an overwhelming labyrinth with an ever-increasing number of brands and products to navigate through. Fear not; we're here to guide you on your journey through the vaping world. This article aims to alleviate retailers' dilemmas and spotlight critical vape features that resonate with your customers.

Exploring retailers' challenges

The e-cigarette market is experiencing rapid growth. Recent studies indicate that it has already generated $18 billion globally and is projected to more than double in just six years, reaching $40 billion by 2028. As a result, the vaping market has become fiercely competitive.

When making the brand selection, we would recommend retailers to consider the following four crucial factors:

Safety and reliability

The majority of vape companies simply rebrand standard devices; an approach that often compromises the products' technical efficiency, leading to malfunctions, leakage, and an underwhelming aesthetic. Such problems could even invite unwanted scrutiny from regulators and authorities.

Compliance with UK regulations

Retailers cannot afford to overlook the need for regulatory compliance when stocking disposable vapes. Products must adhere to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) and CLP (Classification, Labelling, and Packaging) regulations, among others.

Cater to different tastes and preferences for flavours

The vaping industry has witnessed a surge in demand for flavoured e-liquids. Consumers are increasingly seeking an array of options, from fruity delights, refreshing menthol, indulgent dessert flavours to classic tobacco tastes.

Best value for money.

Last but certainly not least, another critical factor for retailers is finding a brand that not only offers quality but also a competitive price. We believe no further comments are necessary on this matter.

To summarise, a brand should prioritize safety, comply with UK regulations, cater to diverse flavour preferences customer needs, and offer excellent value for money. And this is where the brand Flonq comes into play.

Flonq Vape Device Lifestyle

One Product Covering All Needs

All-purpose disposable e-cigarette Flonq Alpha was not only designed by Alfabet Labs company to align with market trends but also to lead the vaping industry by anticipating customer needs both for retailers and consumers.

Here are features that set Flonq Alpha apart from other devices and have earned praise from experts.

Durability and minimal defect rate

Flonq Alpha has a proven track record of outstanding performance. Based on its extended battery life and efficient vaporisation capabilities, it achieves a declared number of puffs, ensuring a longer-lasting duration. The vaping device has established itself as a reliable and high-quality product, with a defect rate of only 0.3-0.4%.

Balanced & recognisable flavours

The brand adheres to the principle of "the more, the better" with 18 distinct and balanced flavours that are both recognizable and not excessively sweet. These flavours are crafted for adult smokers, offering a wide range of hints, from pure fruit flavours to classic tobacco and refreshing mint.

Range of Flonq devices

Premium, minimalistic, compliant packaging

Flonq Alpha features premium and minimalist packaging that combines aesthetic appeal with a moderate and adult-oriented design.
The product fully adheres to industry regulations for labeling, including TPD, CLP, and other relevant standards. In 2023, Flonq joined the UKVIA and IEVA associations as a full-fledged member, actively contributing to the promotion of responsible nicotine consumption.

Boxed Flonq devices

Award-winning design & outstanding functionality

The Flonq Alpha design is inspired by minimalistic and natural shapes, offering a compelling selling point for retailers. Its sleek, ergonomic mouthpiece and soft-touch shell are available in discrete colors, creating a sophisticated aesthetic.

The remarkable design features have earned recognition from Good Design 2022 for the Best Product Design.

This lightweight and compact vaping device fits snugly in the hand, making it easy to hold and use. Its efficiency is matched by its power, with a 420 mAh battery that effortlessly vaporizes 2 ml of liquid.

Flonq device, solo

To sum up, Flonq Alpha is a standout product that fully aligns with the current trends in the vaping industry. With its award-winning design, well-balanced and recognizable flavours, premium packaging, and proven performance, the device is a valuable addition to the product line of any retail store. You can order Flonq Alpha on our website. Also, feel free to contact the team at Alfabet Labs if you have any questions.

Explore the full Flonq vaping range.


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