Petition Opposing Flavour Ban in the UK Currently at Over 50,000 Signatures

David Tuckwell
Petition Opposing Flavour Ban in the UK Currently at Over 50,000 Signatures

The vaping industry in the UK is facing a significant shake-up as the government sets its sights on banning flavoured e-liquids. This move, aimed at curbing underage vaping, has sparked intense debate within the industry. To counter this many in the industry have come together to launch the Stop the Flavour Ban Campaign. Currently there are surplus of 50,000 signatures supporting the petition against the ban, but time is running out to have your say and get the UK government to address the issue in parliament.

You can do your part by signing the petition and sharing with others in the industry, with the aim of reaching 100,000 signatures by August 14th.

You can also encourage more signatures by ordering our FREE Stop The Flavour Ban poster and displaying it in your business premises.

Rationale behind the Ban:

The UK Government's decision to ban flavoured e-liquids stems from concerns about their appeal to young people. Flavours such as fruit, candy, and dessert have been criticised for attracting minors to vaping and potentially fuelling nicotine addiction among this demographic.

Public Health Implications:

While the flavour ban aims to reduce youth vaping rates, it also raises questions about its impact on adult smokers. Flavoured e-liquids play a vital role in harm reduction efforts, providing adult smokers with a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products. Balancing the need to protect young people with the rights of adult consumers is a delicate task that policymakers must navigate carefully.

We call on those in the industry as well as consumers to support the petition and encourage the UK Government to rethink their decision.

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