How To Quit Smoking Using Disposable Vape Kits

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How To Quit Smoking Using Disposable Vape Kits

We now know more than ever about the dangers of smoking tobacco. In 2019, 15% of all deaths of adults aged 35 and over in England were estimated to be attributable to smoking. And you cannot buy a packet of cigarettes without seeing a picture on the package of the damage it can do to your body. So, it makes sense that more and more people are making the healthy swap to vaping. In this article we will talk more about why vaping is the healthier choice and what you can do to give up tobacco for good.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

While research is ongoing, the current evidence shows that vaping is significantly safer than smoking tobacco and also a safer and more effective method than other nicotine replacement therapies. Nicotine itself isn’t that harmful. It can increase heart rate and cause minor circulatory issues, but all in all, it is the poisons in tobacco that hurt your health - not the nicotine. Therefore, putting the nicotine into a vaping kit and inhaling vapor instead of smoke is safer.

Making the switch

If you (or your customer) have decided to ditch the cigarettes and are looking for a decent vape kit to get started with, you have come to the right place.

Disposable vapes are a good place to begin. Unlike refillable vapes, disposables come already set up and ready to use, and are growing in popularity amongst new and experienced vapers alike.

Here’s why disposable vapes are a great way to make the switch:

  • They mimic the disposability of a cigarette. In the same way you wouldn’t refill your cigarette, you won’t refill your disposable. And, just like a cigarette, when you’re finished, you throw it away. There’s no charging, no wires and no hassle - just like cigarettes.
  • They’re very portable. Much like a cigarette, most disposable vapes are slim, lightweight and fully portable in your pocket or wallet.
  • They are cheaper than refillables. There is no major investment. You will spend a minimal amount of money. They are also cheaper than cigarettes, which are now extremely expensive due to the huge tax placed on them. These costs will only rise so making the switch now is wise.
  • You can get different nicotine strengths. You might want to start on 20mg disposables and then cut down to 10mg, then 5mg and then 0mg!

Which Flavours Are Best?

Flavour is a personal preference. If you want to mimic the real taste of tobacco or something with a similar punch, we recommend the following:

Tobacco: The classic! Can be found with the 20mg Flerbar Disposable Vape Pod 600 Puffs.

Cream Tobacco: Available across many different vape pens but we especially like the 20mg Elf Bar 600 Puffs.

Caramel Tobacco: Available with the popular 20mg Vapes Bars Ghost 800 Disposable Vape Device 650 Puffs.

Menthol: Perfect for those who liked menthol cigarettes! Available across the range but we quite like the 20mg iBreathe Xero+ Disposable Vape Pod 600 Puffs.

However, you might be up for a change. If so, there are an enormous array of flavours across the JM Wholesale disposable range, for you and your customers to enjoy. Some of our favourites are strawberry ice, mixed fruit, strawberry banana, banana milkshake and blue razz.

Which Vape Kits Are Best For Beginners?

Here are some of the best disposable vape kits for people transitioning from cigarettes.

  • Best For Beginners: 20mg SALT Disposable Vape Pod 600 Puffs - available in 13 flavours including Pure Tobacco, coconut and melon. This device has 600 puffs, a 20mg nicotine strength and 400mAh battery.
  • Best For Unusual Flavours. 20mg Bud Vape Ciggy Disposable Vape Device 800 Puffs. This pod has an air of luxury about it, promising 800 puffs and unparalleled flavour. The choice of flavours are also fantastic if you want something adventurous. Candy land, blueberry bubble gum and orange mango are just some of these.
  • Best For Large Flavour Choice: 20mg Geek Bar S600 Disposable Vape Device 600 Puffs. Enjoy a wide range of flavours, 20mg nicotine strength and a 500mAh battery.
  • Best For Lower Nicotine Content: 10mg Geekvape Geek Bar. Perfect for those who want to cut down to 10mg from 15mg or 20mg, the Geek Bar range is reliable, tasty and has 18 flavours including tobacco, menthol and a range of fruity alternatives.

How Long Will The Disposable Last?

If you or your customer are a smoker, you’ll know how long a pack of cigarettes lasts you. With disposable vapes, you count the number of puffs as a measure of how long it should last you.

As a rule of thumb, 300 puffs is about 20 cigarettes. So, if you smoked 20 a day, you can expect a 600 puff device to last you 2 days if you vape at the same rate as you smoked. However, many people choose to vape less, as they are actively trying to quit the nicotine habit.

Once the disposable is finished, you can begin vaping with another one straight away. Some people prefer this to refillables because, this way, you never have to worry about the battery running out at an inconvenient time.

Can You Vape and Smoke Together?

Some people choose to continue smoking cigarettes but use a vape pen to cut down on the number of cigarettes they have. For example, they might go from 20 cigarettes to 10, but vape in between to offset the nicotine cravings. This is an entirely acceptable way of using a vape kit and won’t harm you to cut down in this way. However, to protect your health, we recommend making a full transition if you can. This way you can enjoy all the flavour and satisfaction of tobacco products without the health problems and high costs associated with cigarettes.

Still not sure which disposable to go for? Browse the entire range of disposable vape kits on our website to help your customers make the right choice when they are quitting cigarettes.

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