5 Reasons to Love CBD Drinks

Emma Rowlands
5 Reasons to Love CBD Drinks

CBD drinks have suddenly become very popular. In fact,  the global market for CBD drinks accounted for USD 5527.13 Million in 2022. CBD has been around for decades as a safe and natural supplement, but new and interesting ways to take CBD have emerged more recently. 

Here are 5 great reasons to try (and love) CBD drinks. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has many compounds within it (hundreds in fact), which includes CBD, CBG and THC. CBD is a safe, natural, non-psychoactive compound that works medicinally on the body. It is not the same as THC, which is the compound that causes you to get high. 

CBD has been extensively studied in recent years for its affects on neurological disorders, physical diseases and chronic pain. It is also known to be effective in the treatment of sleep disorders and mental health problems. 

CBD can come in many forms including tinctures, sprays, gummies, supplement capsules and vape juice. You can now also buy CBD drinks. 

How is a CBD Drink Made?

CBD drinks are made by infusing water with CBD particles. But it's not that simple. CBD is hydrophobic and will separate from water, often floating on the top. To combat this, the CBD goes through a process called emulsification, which is where hydrophobic cannabinoid extracts are transformed into water-soluble concentrates. The emulsifier molecules have one hydrophilic end and another hydrophobic end, which when mixed with the cannabinoid, shrinks the oil into small, water soluble drops. After this, the cannabinoid emulsion can be diluted in sugar or an acid solution to be added to the beverage. This means, when buying a CBD drink, you won't be drinking oil. The drink tastes just like any other drink on the market in terms of its texture and consistency. 

What is in a CBD Drink?

Now that you know how a CBD drink is made, it's important to know what else features. The answer, however, isn't applicable to all drinks. Some CBD drinks are milkshakes, and so feature all the ingredients needed for this. Others are fizzy / sparkling drinks, and so will contain sparkling water, juice from concentrate, citric acid, acidity regulators and other commonly used ingredients you'd find in most similar products. 

The CBD itself will fuse with any drink, no matter what the ingredients are, and as long as the manufacturer uses a bitter-blocker, you won't taste the sourness of the CBD at all.

5 Reasons to Love CBD Drinks

1. They're healthy and natural

There are many different CBD drinks out there, but all of them will be a step up health-wise in comparison to most other drinks on the market. Many popular fizzy drinks have no nutritional benefit (or very limited benefit). They can also be high in calories and caffein, and contain ingredients that make you feel hungry, bloated or give you a sugar spike. CBD drinks offer an advantage in comparison to these products. They contain CBD, so are automatically good for your body. You can drink them in the morning, before or after a workout, or at night before bed, and get immense benefit from the CBD's healing properties. 

2. There's a huge variety

CBD drinks come in all forms. There's something for everyone. You can choose from seltzers, sodas, tea, or coffee, as well as many other options. The fact that there is so much variety means that you can incorporate CBD into your normal drinking schedule. For example, instead of waking up to your usual coffee, you can have CBD coffee instead. Instead of having your afternoon tea at work, you can choose a CBD infused tea instead. Making these swaps means you can incorporate CBD into your life without making any drastic changes to your habits. 

3. They don't taste like CBD - they taste great!

Ok, we appreciate some people really like the taste of CBD. And that's fine! But many people prefer not to taste it, and CBD drinks have achieved this. You will barely notice you are drinking CBD, and won't experience the bitter taste of terpenes that you might have experienced in other CBD products. 

Many drinks manufacturers add a bitter-taste-blocker so that you cannot sense the CBD in the drink, and instead, just enjoy the sweet or fruity aromas and sensations the drink has to offer. 

4. They come in varying CBD quantities

Much like CBD supplements and gummies, CBD drinks come in a range of strengths, from 5mg per drink to 70mg. This means anyone can find a CBD drink that's right for them. You can also microdose with a CBD drink. Sipping the drink at your own pace means you stay in control of how much CBD you use. 

5. They make for a great alcohol replacement

If you are trying to cut down on drinking, or find yourself being the designated driver most of the time, CBD drinks are a wonderful alternative to a cocktail. For example, you could try the Cannasa Botanical Rose and Raspberry drink containing 15mg of CBD. This gorgeous, floral and sweet tasting drink is delicious on a warm summer's day, as a healthy alcohol alternative. The CBD is also relaxing and calming, helping you to unwind and de-stress after a long hard day. 

We can help

Whether you are exploring the world of CBD for the first time, or have been using CBD for years, we can help. We source the very best CBD products, including CBD drinks, for you to use, or to sell to your customers. CBD drinks are delicious, popular, and a good choice as a healthy alcohol alternative. Browse our CBD drinks selection for our full range and reach out to customer services with any questions you have. 




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