Shortfill E-Liquids: The Diverse Range of Flavours

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Shortfill E-Liquids: The Diverse Range of Flavours

Written By Christian Jones - Content Executive at JM Wholesale 

Have you ever wondered about the wide variety of shortfill e-liquid flavours out there? Escpecially as we may loose these gems due to the ban. From savoury options like Sadboy's rich, umami 100ml shortfills to fruity Fantasi blends bursting with juicy notes, there's something for every taste. Fancy something sweet? Kingston Sweets' shortfill range has you covered with flavors like blue raspberry and watermelon bubblegum. Or opt for soda flavors like Ultimate Puff's crisp, fizzy cola and lemon-lime. Craving an ice cream or milkshake? Reach for creamy, indulgent Norsemen shortfills in flavors like strawberry cheesecake ice cream or cookies and cream milkshake. Prefer a cocktail or menthol/ice vape? Spirited's line features spot-on margarita and piña colada, while DK 'N' Shake delivers icy cool spearmint and wintergreen. With this kind of variety, your next all-day vape is just a shortfill away.

Savoury Shortfills: Sadboy's Unique Flavour Profiles

Sadboy's shortfills savoury range offer an array of unique and unconventional flavours for those looking to break away from the norm. Created in the US and established in 2011 they have captivated the vaping industry with their savory cookie range.

Blueberry Cookie

This bold flavour provides an explosion of cookies with its blend of fruity blueberry. Each inhale brings an intensely savoury hit of cookies and blueberry, balanced perfectly by the biscuit notes upon exhale. An innovative flavour for thrill-seeking vapers.

Custard Cookie

Experience an authentic taste of custard cookies with this flavour. With a bold custard tone and crunchy cookie flavour creates a bakers delight to vape. The flavour profile is rounded off with a blend of both custard and cookies for maximum savory taste. A treat for all savory delights!

Keylime Cookie

The unmistakable flavour of keylime pie and cookies expertly recreated in this luxurious shortfill. sensational, musky cookies combines with Keylime, for a truly out of this word vaping experience. Close your eyes and you could be transended in to a baker. An exquisite choice for any vaper this is a must try by the dozen! 

With their innovative fusion of cookies collaborative flavours, Sadboy’s savoury range provides a taste adventure like no other. Experience the very essence of a bakery with each puff and discover new depths of flavour. For vapers seeking an exciting escape from the everyday, Sadboy’s savoury 100ml shortfills hit the spot.

Fruity Shortfill E-Liquids: Fantasi Remix

If you love the taste of fresh fruit, Fantasi's Remix fruit-flavoured shortfill e-liquids are for you. They offer a vibrant array of fruit flavours from sweet strawberries and blueberries to tangy oranges and lemons.

Grape X Strawberry

Transport yourself to a summer berry patch with flavours like Sweet Strawberry and juicy grapes. Sweet Strawberry captures the essence of ripe, juicy strawberries. Entwining the fusion of fruity fresh grapes.

Blue Raspberry X Lemonade
For a bright refreshing kick, try Fantasi's Remix Blue Raspberry and Lemon selection. Lemon mimics the tartness of lemonade on a hot day. And Blue Raspberry encapsulating the blend together for a refreshing fruity vape!

Pineapple X Grapefruit

If you prefer tropical flavours, dive into Grapefruit Madness, Pineapple Punch. Grapefruit Madness bursting with the flavour. Pineapple Punch captures the essence of juicy pineapple. The perfect blend of a tropical slash for a encapsulating vaping experience. 

With Fantasi's Remix fruit-flavoured shortfill e-liquids, you'll find a fruity vape to satisfy any taste and mood. Whichever flavour you choose, get ready to be transported to an oasis of juicy, ripe fruit. Your taste buds will thank you.

Sweet Shortfills: Kingston Sweets' Candy-Inspired Range

When you're craving something sweet, Kingston Sweets Shortfills has you covered with their delicious candy-inspired shortfill flavours. Whether you have a soft spot for Sour Cherry or can't resist the taste of watermelon slices, they offer a variety of childhood favourites in e-liquid form.

Watermelon Slices

This flavour brings back memories of sweet watermelon slices you enjoyed as a kid. It has the perfect blend of watermelon flavour with a light fizz undertone. Each puff tastes like fresh watermelon into your mouth.

Sour Cherry 

Do you remember the thrill of eating sour Cherries? This e-liquid captures that tangy yet sweet essence of Cherry flavour. Puff after puff delivers that same mouth-puckering sensation balanced with a sugary Sour fruity finish.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

For Cola bottle lovers, this rich and zesty flavour is a dream come true. With each puff, you get the fizzy cola taste infused with fizzy essence. The flavour quenches on your palate just like fizzy cola tastes.

With many more candy and dessert-themed flavours to choose from, Kingston Sweets' shortfill range is a vaper's paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their flavours are so spot-on, you'll feel like you've been transported back to your youth with each puff. Satisfy your candy cravings the guilt-free way with Kingston Sweets.

Soda E-Liquid Flavours: Fizzy Fun From Ultimate Puff

When you want an e-liquid with a bit of fizz, Ultimate Puff’s soda shortfill flavours are sure to satisfy. Their range includes classics like original cola, blackcurrent crush and lemon and lime cola as well as more unique options.


No soda flavour collection is complete without a crisp cola option. Ultimate Puff’s take on the classic cola flavour is spot on, with prominent notes of citrus, spice and vanilla rounding out the cola taste. It’s like enjoying an ice cold glass of your favourite brand of cola without the sugar crash.

Blackcurrent Crush

Remember enjoying an ice cold blackcurrent soda on a hot summer day as a kid? Ultimate Puff’s blackcurrent crush soda e-liquid will give you a burst of nostalgia with every inhale. Sweet berry notes mingle with subtle hints of ice for a flavour that’s tangy, refreshing and not too overpowering.

Lemon & Lime Cola

If you have a taste for sweeter sodas, Ultimate Puff’s lemon & Lime Cola e-liquid is for you. Notes of lemon, lime and cola come together to create a flavour reminiscent of classic lemon & lime cola soda. Rich, bold and full of flavour, this e-liquid is like enjoying a tall glass of citric cola .. but without the bubbles.

From cola to blackcurrent crush and everything in between, Ultimate Puff’s lineup of soda flavoured e-liquids offer a fizzy take on your favourite soft drinks. With options for every taste, you’re sure to find a new all-day vape. So take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy the refreshing, flavourful and nostalgic taste of childhood with Ultimate Puff’s soda e-liquids. Your taste buds will thank you.

Icy Cool Menthol and Mint Shortfills: DK Ice Refreshing Collection

DK Ice Shortfills offers a selection of menthol and mint-inspired shortfill e-liquids to give vapers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Their ico-themed range includes flavours from icy cool spearmint to frosty peppermint and everything in between.

Arctic Apple & Pear

This crisp, clean flavour blends menthol with hints of apple & Pear for an invigorating vape that’s as refreshing as a cold glass of apple juice on a hot summer day combined with the sweet pear sensation. Each inhale leaves a lingering cooling sensation that tastes like biting into a frozen fruity treat.

Glacial Grape

Glacial Grape combines grape with an icy menthol kick for a flavour reminiscent of frosty grapes. This all-day vape is perfect for those who enjoy the refreshing taste of grape with an extra chill. Breathe in the crisp, minty grape freshness and let it leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Sub Zero Blue Sour Raspberry

Experience the rush of Sub Zero Blue Sour Raspberry, an intensely cooling vape juice with a strong blue raspberry strong icy notes. Each inhale of this frosty blend feels like taking a shot of ice-cold peppermint mixed with ripe sour raspberries, leaving an icy tingle in its wake. If you're a menthol and berry lover who craves an extra frosty vape, Sub Zero Blue Sour Raspberry is for you.

DK Ice collection offers vapers a diverse range of refreshingly icy options to suit any taste. From Frozen Blackcurrant to Glacial Grape, their shortfill e-liquids aim to both invigorate the senses and provide an enjoyable all-day vape. Experience the refreshing chill of their artisanal menthol blends and escape to a cooler state of mind.


The world of shortfill e-liquids has a flavour for everyone. Whether you prefer savoury profiles like Sadboy's or Fantasi fruit series, Kingston Sweets or soda flavors from Ultimate Puff or menthol and ice sensations like DK Ice, there's a huge range of options which could also be lost due to the flavour ban! With all these diverse flavours to explore, you're sure to find some shortfill e-liquids to perfectly suit your tastes and keep your vaping experience exciting. So get out there, try some new flavours, and discover your next all-day vape!
Ensure to help the fight for flavour by signing the petition on the UK E-liquid flavour ban! 

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