Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers

Emma Rowlands
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers

Vaping is a popular lifestyle choice that many people worldwide have adopted over the last decade. And with it being 95% healthier than smoking tobacco, it is expected that more and more people will swap to vaping in the future. This Christmas, there are a few ways you can give vaping products as a gift. Here are our suggestions. 

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Vaping is considered far safer than smoking cigarettes. In fact, making the switch from tobacco to vaping can be life saving. For that reason alone, many people are choosing to do it. But not only is vaping a healthier option, it's truly fun for people to experiment with the range of flavours, strengths and ingredients available. No two vapes are identical, and with thousands of vaping flavours out there to enjoy, many vapers consider vaping more than a nicotine fix, but a hobby and lifestyle activity!

What Types of Vape Products Are There?

Vaping is more than a vape pen and an e-liquid. You can enjoy a huge range of vaping accessories, parts and add-ons. There are two primary types of vaping kits - disposables and refillables. Disposables come preloaded with e-liquid and are thrown away after their puff count (total expected number of puffs) runs out. Refillables are different. You have a device (such as a mod or a pen) and fill the tank with e-liquid of your choosing. With refillables you also need to change the coil to prevent it becoming worn out and burnt, so buying coils will become the norm, and you will also need cables for charging. In some cases, people like to build their own vape kits, but this is suited only to advanced vapers who have basic physics knowledge in coil building. 

What Do Vapers Want For Christmas?

There are many different gifts that vapers would enjoy this Christmas. 

1) Starter Vape Kits

As we go into the New Year, many smokers will be preparing themselves for their quit-smoking New Years resolution. And you can be part of that by supplying them with a vaping starter kit. A starter kit gives the vaper everything they need to get going, without offering anything too complicated. Some starter kits offer more contents than others. For example, an Upends Uppen Vape Pen comes with a refillable pod, battery and cable. You would need to buy e-liquid separately to this kit. A more complex kit is the GeekVape M100 Aegis Mini 2 100W Kit, which comes with a mod device, two coils, a replacement tube, a cable, a drip tool, a coil tool, and a spare parts pack. You can find a full range of starter kits by clicking here

2) E liquids

People who use refillable vape kits will be thrilled to receive new and interesting e-liquids to add to their collection. While some vapers are set in their ways, others enjoy the variety that comes with experimentation. There are thousands of flavours out there, some are truly exceptional and unique. Instead of buying just 1 e-liquid, you can buy an entire range. For example, if there's a desserts range, you can buy 4 or 5 different dessert flavours for the vaper to compare and contrast. You can also give them a variety of blends. For example, you might pick an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio, (more than 50%) to give the vaper bigger clouds and a smoother throat hit. You can check out our full e-liquids range here. 

3) Vaping Accessories

If someone has been vaping for a while, they might appreciate some vaping accessories to add to their collection. For example, this coil master DIY kit is perfect for people who want to design or alter their own coils. It contains a huge array of tools including pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers and more. Another nice idea is a protective case, to keep vape kits safe and in one piece. 

4) CBD Disposables

CBD disposables are a nice alternative to vaping nicotine. CBD is healthy, medicinal and easy to vape or use in an alternative way. It is also completely legal as long as there is less than 0.2% THC content. Disposables can be thrown away after they are used up, and can make a nice stocking filler for someone who enjoys vaping. CBD comes in a variety of strengths, so you can choose a low dose CBD vape or a higher dose depending on the preferences. 

5) Vaporiser 

A vaporiser is a nice alternative to smoking tobacco, as well as healthier. Dry herb vaporising allows you to vaporise flowers and other dried out plants so that you don't inhale thick smoke or any poisonous byproducts. You can check out our range here

Other Gifts We Offer

If you'd rather gift something other than vapes, we can still help. At JM Wholesale we stock a huge range of CBD products, nootropics and smoking accessories. 

CBD Skincare

Skincare products are always popular gifts at Christmas, especially as the winter weather can cause dry skin problems. You can get face creams, hand creams, moisturisers, balms, lotions, scalp creams, shampoos and much more - all infused with CBD. CBD is an excellent healer for dry skin, acne and scalp problems. 

CBD Food

What better stocking filler than candy? But this time, it's not just candy, it's CBD candy - gummies, chocolates and much more, infused with healthy herbal CBD. 


Nootropics are healthy, brain boosting products to help you gain a better sense of overall wellness. Nature really does supply the best ingredients to help bring a sense of balance to your body. Nootropics are a great gift for anyone looking to improve their general sense of wellness and body / mind health. 

Need help? Get in touch with us for more information on our products available. 

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