Clipper Lighters: The Lighter of Choice for Generations of Smokers

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Clipper Lighters: The Lighter of Choice for Generations of Smokers


Written By Joshua Bainbridge - Content Executive at JM Wholesale 

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Feeling the smooth, familiar texture of that nylon or metallic casing in your hand as you spark up your favourite smoke - there's just something so satisfying about sparking your trusty Clipper lighter! For over 50 years, we've relied on these iconic lighters to light up and relax, their cheap and sturdy build winning over generation after generation. With their poker-ready flint casing and custom collectable designs, it's no wonder these classic lighters have stood the test of time. So spark up and take a trip down memory lane as we rediscover the history of the Clipper - the lighter of choice for smokers everywhere!

A Brief History of Clipper Lighters and Flamagas

Clipper lighters have sparked up the lives of smokers since 1972! Let's take a puff and reminisce about how these trusty torchbearers came to be.

It all started in 1971 when Enric Sardà designed the Clipper lighter in Barcelona, Spain - a region renowned for fine smoking culture.

After over a decade of research and development, Flamagas finally unveiled the original Clipper windproof lighter in 1972. It was the first factory dedicated solely to manufacturing refillable plastic lighters. What a milestone!

Clippers quickly caught on with smokers who dug their cheap, long-lasting, and uniquely repairable and refillable designs. The iconic flint holder that doubles as a poker? Genius!

Flamagas steadily expanded production, launching dedicated plants in India (2000) and China (2003). By 2012, Clipper was celebrating its 40th anniversary as an international staple.

Today, Clippers are coveted for their retro vibe, funky custom graphics, and steadfast reputation. Barcelona-born, smoker-approved, these iconic lighters have sparked joy and conversation for generations.

With cutting-edge safety features, quality assurance, and specialty parts engineered by Flamagas, Clippers are built to last. That's why smokers worldwide keep flipping their lids for these classics decade after decade!

So next time you spark up with your trusty Clipper, reflect on its rich heritage. Here's to another 50 years of lighting the way for smokers everywhere!

Why Do Smokers Lover Clipper Lighters?

For over 50 years, Clipper has been the go-to lighter brand for smokers across the globe. Here's a look at why these colourful, quirky lighters have earned such a loyal following:

  • Affordable and Refillable: Clippers provide great value for money. They're inexpensive to buy, and the fact that they're refillable means you get way more lights per dollar compared to disposable lighters like Bics. Saving money and getting more bang for your buck - what's not to love?
  • Reliable and Durable: Clippers are built to last. Their sturdy plastic bodies can withstand years of use and abuse. And their simple, no-frills mechanics mean there's less that can go wrong. You can drop them, get them wet, and they'll still keep on lighting with a quick bit of D.I.Y fixing.
  • Great for Smoking: With its unique flint wheel casing that doubles as a poker, the Clipper is designed with smokers in mind. The adjustable flame is perfect for lighting pipes, CBD rolls, cigarettes, etc. And the poker comes in handy for packing and stirring.
  • Trusted Brand: Clipper has been around since 1972 and is endorsed by countless smokers. They have an extensive 40+ year legacy of research, development and dedication to quality. When you buy a Clipper, you know you're getting a lighter you can trust.
  • Cool Custom Designs: Clippers come in a huge array of colours and patterns. You can get tie-dye swirls, your favourite sports team's logo, artistic designs - they're like collectable and personalised pieces of functional art.
  • A Clipper For Every Occasion: The classic Clipper round body isn't the only design on the market, taking their product further they now produce all kinds of lighters! From their classic design available in sizes such as: classic, large, pocket and micro. They also offer safety tube lighters, metallic Clippers, Jet lighters in both classic and BRIO form, with their BRIO offering resembling a more classic lighter appearance. 

With their perfect combination of form, function and flair, it's no wonder Clippers have been sparking up smiles worldwide for generations. Once you try one, you'll be hooked!

You're now an expert on the legendary Clipper lighter! As you've seen, this classic lighter has sparked up smokers for generations. From its flint-casing poker to its custom designs, it's easy to see why Clipper has lit the way for over 50 years. This Barcelona-born brand knows precisely how to keep your flame alive. So spark your inner collector and make Clipper your go-to for quality engineering and nostalgic style. With its storied history and devoted following, this lighter is clearly a cut above the rest. So grab your Clipper, flick your flint, and join the flame! 


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