Exploring the World of CBD Products

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Exploring the World of CBD Products

There’s a huge world of CBD products out there, and even if you’re not a newbie at CBD, you’ll still be surprised at how many creative uses CBD can have. From lattes infused with CBD to special treats for your pets, you won’t run out of products to explore.

Here are some CBD products that have won over millions of customers from all over the world.

CBD Energy Drinks

CBD has been making huge strides in the beverage industry too, and CBD energy drinks are among the most in-demand concoctions. Energy drinks already provide some zest on their own because they often contain ingredients like B vitamins, which help the body convert food into energy. Taurine, an amino acid that’s taken by many as an antioxidant supplement, is another common ingredient.

CBD is a natural addition to the mix because it’s an adaptogen known for boosting alertness during the daytime. It also contributes to the fatigue-beating properties of energy drinks. At the same time, not every company can just churn energy drinks. They require extra effort to make because you’d need specialised nanotechnology for getting CBD to dissolve smoothly in liquid.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD isn’t just for humans either - there’s also a whole market catering to animals or pets. While giving CBD oil directly to your dog would be the fastest way for them to ingest it, CBD-infused dog treats are favoured by pet owners because dogs just gobble them up! CBD’s health benefits for humans can be carried over to dogs and cats because they also have cannabinoid receptors that allow them to process CBD in a similar way.

While CBD is non-toxic for animals, with the worst effects being a spike in appetite or sleepiness, it’s still safer to start with low dosages, which you can control easily with CBD dog treats. Pets won’t argue either to getting extra treats as a reward or simply as a token of their owner’s affection.

CBD Softgels

Rather than measuring CBD dosage meticulously and doing extra calculations, some consumers prefer the convenience of simply taking CBD softgels. Whether these contain pure CBD or CBD mixed with organic extracts or vitamins, CBD softgels are among the most versatile CBD products, with applications from easing stress to promoting pain relief.

You’ll often see them together with CBD capsules, but the two have more differences than apparent. The most obvious would be that softgels have an outer layer of gelatin mixed with sorbitol or glycerin, while CBD capsules are firmer on the outside. CBD capsules are cheaper, but CBD softgels retain vitamins better and they’re easier to swallow.

CBD Vaping Oil

There are several ways to CBD, and if you’re a vaper or you’ve gotten curious about it, then vaping with CBD is definitely an experience. CBD vaping oil is essentially a kind of e-liquid because it uses the same core ingredients of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavourings can be added too, so you can try CBD vaping oil with flauvors like cherry and blackcurrant.

It’s important to know that CBD vaping oil isn’t the same as CBD oil, which would be dangerous to inhale in the same way because it isn’t made for that. CBD vaping oil is actually used by a lot of people for anxiety and nausea since it’s fast-acting. The effects set in within a few minutes and then last for one to three hours.

CBD Pain Patches

The use of CBD for relieving chronic pain is already supported by several studies. Short of using CBD oils or tinctures directly, CBD pain patches can provide you with faster relief than most other CBD products. They’re also very convenient--just take a pair of scissors and cut up a CBD pain patch to fit the affected area of your body, then let it stay there for a while. The main advantage of CBD pain patches is that they deliver the CBD straight to your bloodstream, which is faster than having it go through your digestive system first. While the patch is on your skin, it releases small dosages of CBD at a consistent rate.

It’s subtle enough that you can carry on with your day while hardly noticing it on your skin! You’ll usually feel the effects within thirty minutes, and it can keep delivering CBD to your body for up to 12 hours. There are also CBD patches customised for hangovers and even insomnia.


For CBD that’s potent and concentrated, CBD wax is one of your best choices. High-quality CBD wax contains pure CBD with very few or no solvents at all, so you can get strong effects just by taking in a small amount of it. Only available some years back because it’s hard to manufacture, CBD wax relies on very precise extraction processes. Butane hash oil can be used to draw out the CBD from the cannabis plant, but carbon dioxide extraction remains the gold standard for producing CBD wax.

There are four types of CBD wax: shatter, budder, crumble, and live resin, all named after their textures. For example, CBD shatter looks like broken glass, while CBD budder resembles butter. CBD wax is usually inhaled, either through using a bong or putting it on a hot surface where it can turn to vapour.

CBD Face Masks

CBD has an extremely wide reach when it comes to products, and yes, that includes cosmetics and CBD skincare. Face masks have been a mainstay in the beauty world, whether applied by dermatologists in a clinic or bought in packs at a store. Alongside ingredients such as aloe vera, bamboo extract, and collagen, CBD has already been incorporated into several face masks. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, there’s widespread interest in how it can decrease acne and even reduce signs of aging.

CBD face masks come in a variety of styles. Some CBD face masks are sheet-like, so you can simply peel the mask from its packaging then smooth it out over your face. On the other hand, there are also CBD face masks in the form of gels or lotions that you spread out on your skin and let dry.


CBD Gummies

The long-running star in the world of CBD edibles would have to be CBD gummies. Small, easy to eat, and somewhat nostalgic, gummies are a well-loved snack all over the world. When business started experimenting with infusing CBD into food, CBD gummies shot to the top as bestsellers immediately. Aside from being convenient and discreet, they also make it easy for customers to keep track of the CBD dosage. If one gummy has 20 mg of CBD, then you can easily portion how much you want to eat.

CBD’s naturally earthy taste can be a challenge when you’re incorporating it into food, but it’s masked well with gummies. On top of this, gummies are appealing--just by chewing absent-mindedly on them, you’re already getting your fill of CBD for the day. Because of huge demand, many companies already offer subscription services for CBD gummies.

CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs and CBD go together because you can turn to either when you’re looking to unwind after a long day. Soaking in a long bath is deeply relaxing, and it becomes even more indulgent when you throw in a bath bomb, which add scent, colour, and bubbles to the water. Bath bombs are essentially made of baking soda, citric acid, and Epsom salts, along with essential oils for a spa-like effect.

Throw in CBD, and you’ll be feeling very tranquil in your bath. After all, when the bath bomb dissolves into your bathwater, it also releases CBD, which is gradually absorbed by your skin. The CBD binds to your skin’s receptors, triggering a relaxation response throughout your whole system.

These are only a sample of all the different types of CBD products out there. CBD has spawned a large, sprawling market that continues to innovate year after year, and these products show that it’s easier than ever to incorporate CBD into daily life.

Since January 2019 CBD has been considered a ‘novel food’,  meaning that you need to apply to the FSA for authorisation to sell it in the UK. At JM Wholesale, all the CBD products we stock are Novel food compliant, meaning you can buy with confidence, knowing they’re fully approved by the Food Standards Agency.

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