12 of the Best Dropshipping Products

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12 of the Best Dropshipping Products

So you’re ready to start the new decade by making more money with dropshipping. However, you can’t just sell anything and expect to generate a steady income. Going for a general store approach to your dropshipping business is a tough proposition when your competition is going to be Amazon or eBay.

You need to sell the right products, and for dropshipping, that means selling niche products. Here are 12 of the best dropshipping products to start with when you are looking for a niche audience to cater to.

Pet Products

1.    Dog jacket

There are 9.9 million pet dogs in the UK, accounting for 26% of the country’s adult population. Pet owners love buying clothes for their furry friends, too.

Dog jackets then make for the perfect pet product to feature on your dropshipping store. You can even sell them in a variety of colours and sizes for different breeds.

The search term is on an upward trend as well, hitting highs in 2019 when November rolled in. As the weather stays cold this winter season, customers will be paying around £4 to £9 to keep their doggos warm.

2.    Cat leash

There are even more pet cats than dogs in the UK, with 10.9 million belonging to 24% of the country’s adult population.

Cats love to do their own thing and can’t be ordered around like dogs, so it can be tricky to say the least to take them out for a walk. With a cat leash, you can go outside with your pet cat for a stroll without worrying for their safety.

While it isn’t blowing up the charts in Google Trends, the search term is prime for dominating a very specific niche. eBay prices are around £1.28 to £4.

Eco-friendly Products

3.    Stainless steel straw

It’s not just young people becoming more aware of environmental issues. The UK government is set to ban single-use plastics in April 2020. The ban includes plastic straws.

What better time to jump on the eco-friendly shopping trend than at the start of the new year with stainless steel straws. Small to medium-sized businesses and consumers alike will be looking to change with the times and do their part to save the planet if the search term’s steady popularity on Google Trends is to be believed.

You can sell them for around £1 to £3 if you want to be competitive with eBay prices.

4.    Reusable shopping bag

In line with the more specific rising trend of stainless steel straws, reusable shopping bags are also gaining purchase in the e-commerce space.

There are so many variations to reusable shopping bags that make them a great product for your dropshipping business. From the type of material (canvas, string mesh, linen, etc.) to the sizes and colours as well as print designs, you can have multiple items from different suppliers to serve multiple needs.

To give you an idea of how much you can sell reusable shopping bags, their eBay prices range from £1 to £5.

Exercise Products

5.    Fitness tracker

Another year means another batch of people starting their new year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is to start or get back to exercising. Fitness trackers are great tools to keep people going with their routines.

Whether it’s for a professional athlete looking to optimise their workouts or a complete beginner to exercise, fitness trackers are tried and tested on the digital market. In fact, worldwide revenue is expected to continue to grow up until 2022 at a staggering $3.33 billion.

The simplest devices sell at low prices ranging from £2 to £12, while more complex trackers can sell for £30 and up. With such varying price tags, you can market to fitness enthusiasts and newbies.

6.    Resistance band

The idea of signing up for a costly gym membership that locks you in for months to a year can be daunting for people who are just starting out on their fitness journey. Resistance bands are a much easier sell for their simplicity, flexibility, and portability. These are much cheaper than a gym membership as well.

The popularity of resistance bands to consumers shows in Google Trends, as they are a relevantly popular search term all-year-round. This is reflected in the global market, as the product’s growth is projected at 11.99% from 2018 to 2022.

They go for around £4 to £15 on eBay if you need price point ideas.

Mobile Products

7.    Car charger

Because people are always using their mobiles wherever they go and battery life hasn’t been improving as much as other smartphone technologies, there’s still a need for car chargers.

Google Trends for the search term shows there is demand for car chargers throughout the year. Meanwhile, eBay prices for car charges hover around £1 to £5.

8.    Car phone holder

When your customers are done charging their phones in their cars, they can use their phones hands-free with a car phone holder. A quick look at Google Trends shows the search term has traction.

Car phone holders are placed on the dashboard and keep phones steady in transit. It’s useful for drivers who need to use GPS to get around an unfamiliar place. Passengers who want to watch videos or receive video calls can also use it during long drives.

You can price car phone holders on your store at around £1.25 to £4.

Vaping Products

9.    Vape pods

Public perception of vaping continues to grow positively through years. Simple vaping devices also make it easier for people who are interested in getting into the hobby.

The sleek, compact design and portability of vape pods help make them a trendy product. Vaping is also a lifestyle for enthusiasts, so you can diversify your vaping product line if vape pods catch on in your store.

Depending on the quality of the vape pod you’re selling, you can price them as low as £5 to as high as £30.

10.     CBD e-liquid

CBD has taken a lot of space in the natural health product niche. People can’t get enough of it, and they are willing to take it in all kinds of forms. Vaping CBD is one such way that people are into, as “cbd e liquid” shows with its search term’s spiking patterns

You can sell CBD e-liquids in bundles and in a variety of flavours and potencies to maximise the profit potential. CBD in general has great synergy with vaping products, considering both CBD and vaping slot into the “alternative lifestyle” brand.

While CBD e-liquids don’t show up on eBay as of this post’s writing, browsing through dedicated online vape shops pegs the price range at around £8 to £30.

Security Products

11.     Security camera

Security seems to be a growing concern for many, and people are taking matters into their own hands with personal security cameras. This year, the global security market is estimated to be worth $47 billion, so it’s definitely worth capitalising on the security camera trend.

Security cameras can be installed at home by anyone with a DIY attitude. Some products can be hooked up to smart devices for easy control and monitoring.

Budget security cameras go anywhere from £15 to £50, while premium options sell for around £150 to £200, according to eBay market prices.

12.     RFID wallet

Contactless credit cards let you complete purchases by simply waving your card over a terminal, eliminating the hassle of having it manually swiped and checked by a store clerk. However, high-tech times come with high-tech crimes, as there are thieves who can extract data from credit cards with a skimming device.

RFID wallets are deliberately designed to protect contactless credit cards from such crimes. These products are part of the growing smart-connected wallet market, which has been tracked to have a growth rate of 8.72% until 2021.

If you are interested in selling RFID wallets, you can price them at around £3 to £8.

While these are great products to kick-start your dropshipping business, this list is by no means comprehensive and definitive. Do your own research to ensure your store has the right products for your target audience, and have a productive, profitable dropshipping decade.

If you have a drop shipping business and want to sell vaping or CBD products in your store, why not browse our extensive stock on our website. Or if you have any questions, email us at sales@jm-wholesale.co.uk and we’ll help you get started.

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