When And How To Change Your Vape Coil

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When And How To Change Your Vape Coil

Maintaining the health of your vape kit will ensure a better vaping experience. Not only will you avoid some common vaping problems such as leakages, burnt taste and inadequate flavour, but you’ll be guaranteed longevity, preventing you from having to buy parts or replacing your vape prematurely.

We want you (and your customers) to enjoy vaping, and we know that taking care of vape parts is an important part of that.

There are many different ways you can keep your vape healthy and happy. But one important step is to know how and when to change your coil. In fact, good coil maintenance is probably the most important aspect of enjoying vaping. In this article we are going to talk about:

  • What coils are and why they matter
  • How to spot an unhealthy vape coil
  • When to change your coil
  • The steps you need to take to change your coil
  • Which vapes are easy to change the coil on
  • How to buy a coil from us

What is a vape coil?

First thing’s first. What is a vape coil? Let us explain. Vape coils are the replaceable parts found within vape kits and tanks. Your coil ensures that your vape works properly by taking the power from the battery and transforming this power into heat. It is this heat that then creates vapour from your e-juice, for you to inhale.

A coil looks like a length of coiled wire wrapped around an absorbent wick. The wire is the part that creates the heat, and the wick absorbs the e-juice contained within the tank. These two coil parts work in union, with the wick giving the coil a steady flow of e-liquid for it to heat up.

When understanding how to find your coil, you should also understand what an atomiser is. The atomiser is simply the umbrella term for tanks and pods. As there are several different types of atomisers which is why an umbrella term is needed. Your coil is within this part of your vape.

Much like atomisers come in various forms, so do coils, which we will address shortly. They have a variety of resistances, materials and can offer different styles of vaping to suit your preference.

There are three primary types of coils.

  • Mouth to lung coils
  • Sub Ohm Coils
  • Rebuildable Coils

What Are Mouth To Lung Coils?

Mouth to lung coils allow you to safely and effectively inhale vapour into your mouth first, and then transport it to your lung, the same way you do with a cigarette. This is a popular form of vaping and comfortable for beginners. These coils have high resistance (1.0 Ohm or higher) and produce a small amount of vapour.

Mouth to lung coils can intensify the flavour of e-liquid, so are perfect if you want to enjoy the various unique flavours in our range. They also consume less juice (and give off less vapour) which helps to make your juice last longer.

What Are Sub Ohm Coils?

The opposite to mouth to lung coils, Sub ohm coils have been designed for ‘direct to lung’ vaping, which is where you inhale straight into your lung and don’t hold the vapour in your mouth first. The resistance is lower than 1.0 Ohm which helps to produce more vapour. These coils tend to be found with vape kits that have a lot of power, and are better for experienced vapers.

What Are Rebuildable Coils?

For the most advanced vapers, rebuildable coils can be used with rebuildable atomisers. They require much knowledge of vaping to use safely. You should have some knowledge of Ohm’s Law. You can pick your own resistance, use metals of your preference, including rarer metals like nickel or titanium. For the purpose of this article, we aren’t going to touch on changing rebuildable coils. Most vapers are using Sub Ohm or Mouth to Lung coils.

Why You Need to Change Vape Coils

Vape coils are a crucial part of your vape kit. You cannot use it properly with a poorly functioning coil. Given that the coil has a frequent flow of heat moving through it, it can get burnt if it’s not changed. You can sense when the coil is burnt because the taste of your juice will change. You will also notice less vapour production and possibly hear a gurgling sound. If you ignore these warning signs, you might damage your entire vape kit, meaning you need to replace other parts too. These warning signs are universal across all vape coils, but remember you only need to change your coil if you are using a refillable vape kit. If you are using a disposable vape kit you simply throw the kit away.

How to change vape coils

Changing a vape coil can be very simple. Here are some simple steps to follow.

1. Remove the tank from your vape

First, disassemble. How you do this will vary, as all models are different, but if you are confused, please refer to your instruction manual that arrived in the box with your vape.

2. Empty your vape tank

You will need to empty your tank before changing the coil and so, to save any wastage, we recommend you get close to the bottom of your tank before emptying it. You will also avoid a leaky mess this way. You can use a paper towel as you are opening in the tank if there is liquid left to avoid too much spillage.

3. Pre-soak the new coil’s wicking material

We mentioned before that the wick is the part of the coil that absorbs the juice. Before using your new coil, you need to saturate the wick in about 10 drops of liquid. Failing to do this will mean you cause a serious burn to your coil on first use, and you will instantly ruin your vaping experience.

4. Swap out the coils

Unscrew the damaged, old coil from the tank. Then screw in your pre soaked, brand new coil.

5. Replace and refill your tank

Refill your tank with your favourite e-liquid. You can then reassemble your atomiser by screwing it all back together

Should You Change Your Coil Often?

Vape coils are designed to be changed on a regular basis. They don’t last forever, in fact, you can expect to change them every one and four weeks depending on how often you vape and what kind of vaper you are. New fresh coils will have a better taste, cloud production and overall more satisfactory performance. Even if you do not notice some of the warning signs listed earlier in this article, it is a good idea to change your coil with regularity.

Best Devices for Easy Coil Replacement

If you want your coil replacement to be as quick and easy as possible, here are our recommendations:


Innokin EZ Watt 35W Kit

This innovative stainless steel vape has a 1500mAh battery with 3 optimised wattage levels which you can experiment with thanks to one handy button. There’s clear LED lighting, integrated safety protections and a 90 day warranty. The box contains 1 spare Prism S Coil (1.5Ω) for you to use when changing the coil.

Get your Innokin EZ Watt 35W Kit by clicking here.  You can find a compatible replacement coil by clicking here.

Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit

The SMOK Nord 2 Kit is an updated version of Nord. It has a 1500mAh battery with a large 2ml capacity. This device is only compatible with Nord Coils, two spare ones of which are included in the box.

Get your Smok Nord Kit by clicking here. You can find a compatible coil here.

Voopoo Drag Q 25W Kit

This 2ml pod has a 1250mAh battery with an impressive power output of 8-25W. For coils, the Voopoo Drag Q Kit is compatible with all ITO coils. You can choose from a variety of resistances thanks to the large selection of compatible coils, and 2 different mesh coils are included in the box. Get your Voopoo Drag Q kit by clicking here.   You can find a replacement coil here.


As a reminder, some vape kits are only compatible with certain coils. When buying your vape kit, ensure you are aware of which type of coils you can buy to go with it and compare the prices and availability of these while you are at it.

Check Out Our Range of Coils

JM Wholesale has a wide selection of coils for just about every customer. All of our coils are safe and affordable and are compatible with the vape kits offered within our store. You can check out the full range by clicking here. We are happy to help with any of your queries so get in touch with us if you need any help learning about coils, how to use them, or how to place an order.

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