How the Vape Industry Is Embracing Sustainability

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How the Vape Industry Is Embracing Sustainability

Written By Joshua Bainbridge - Content Executive at JM Wholesale 

You know that feeling when you finish a disposable vape and toss it, wondering where it'll end up? Those days are fading fast as the vape industry takes big steps towards sustainability. Out with the old regular disposables, and in with the new - refillable disposables using nic salts so you can reuse the device before finally recycling it responsibly.

A few of the top examples are the Zap! Instafill 3500 with its removable battery or the Elfbar AF5000 for maximum refills. Even better, swap disposables completely for refillable pods like the Freemax Galex Nano series or prefilled pods. Their 10ml bottles last ages. The UK disposables ban has sped things up, but this eco-evolution was already underway. The future looks bright for vaping sustainably.

The Rise of Sustainable Disposable Vaping

The vape industry has come a long way in embracing sustainability. Not too long ago, disposable vapes were the norm - use it and lose it. Now, eco-friendly disposables and refillable pod systems are taking over.

The impact of bans and new options

The UK's disposable vape ban has pushed the market toward sustainability. Even before the ban, eco-friendly disposables like Aquios' recyclable bar were gaining ground with their recyclable disposables. With the industry moving to refillable disposables and pod systems, vapers now have plenty of sustainable options to choose from.

The vape industry seems to have gotten the message that disposable everything isn't sustainable. By offering ways to reduce waste and keep devices out of landfills, vape companies are doing their part to go green and give vapers an eco-friendly experience. The rise of sustainable vaping options is a win-win.

The Shift Towards Prefilled and Refillable Recyclable Vapes

The vape industry has come a long way from the early days of disposable e-cigs. Now, there are more sustainable options like refillable and prefilled pod systems, as well as recyclable disposables.

Prefilled pods offer a similar benefit, with the added convenience of ready-to-vape e-liquid. These options significantly cut down on waste compared to traditional disposables. Examples of this evolution are the SKE crystal Pod system, Elf A pod system and the trendy innovative Riot Connex.

Recyclable disposables take sustainability a step further. Models like the Aquios Bar and ANDS Slix Bar are made of materials that can be recycled, so the entire device doesn’t end up in a landfill. The vape industry was already shifting in an eco-friendly direction, but bans on disposables in places like the UK have accelerated the transition.

Of course, there’s still room for improvement in most current devices. Features like removable rechargeable batteries in prefilled devices, fully recyclable components and refillable tanks make vapes even more sustainable. But between prefilled pods, recyclable disposables and the phasing out of single-use models, the industry is embracing sustainability – and our planet is better for it.

How the UK Ban Has Accelerated the Sustainable Disposable Vaping Movement

The recent ban on disposable vapes in the UK has sped up the shift towards more sustainable disposable options that were already gaining popularity. Although the vape industry was moving in an eco-friendly direction, the legislation has motivated companies to accelerate innovations to stay compliant.

The Rise of Refillable Disposables

Refillable disposable vapes, like the Zap! Instafill 3500 or Elfbar AF5000, Flumlite Snugg now dominate the market. Users can refill the devices with nic salt e-liquid bottles and dispose of the device components once the devices are finished. Some even have removable batteries that can be reused in future vapes. These sustainable alternatives still provide the convenience of disposables but with a smaller environmental impact.

The Popularity of Pod Systems

Refillable pod systems, such as the Freemax Galex Nano, and pre-filled pods are also becoming more popular sustainable options. Since the batteries and devices can last for a long time, less waste is produced. The e-liquid bottles and pods are more easily recycled as well. The long-term cost savings and eco-friendliness of these systems make them appealing alternatives to traditional disposable vapes.

While the legislation may have been an inconvenience to some, it has successfully accelerated real change in the vape industry. Companies are innovating to create sustainable disposable and pod vapes that balance convenience, affordability, and environmental responsibility. The future of vaping in the UK looks greener already.


So while the vape industry still has a ways to go, it's encouraging to see these steps towards sustainability. With recyclable materials, reusable batteries, and refillable pods, vaping doesn't have to be so disposable or wasteful anymore. The options are out there - from big brands to small start ups, the focus is shifting. And with governments cracking down on disposables, the industry has to keep moving forward if they want to stick around. This means more eco-friendly vapes could soon be the new normal. So if you're a vaper who cares about your carbon footprint, there's never been a better time to go green. The technology is here, and it'll only get better. Vape on sustainably.

Final Notes

For those who are ready to take the next step in sustainable vaping, especially those who currently use disposable systems. I recommend taking a serious look into investing in a kit, now while it may seem like a large leap at first especially those who prefer convenience over hassle. The ecological benefits far outweigh the negatives. 

For example the Smoant knight Q kit, once the kit is purchased the device will last, the pods are reusable and only the coil and liquid needs replacing. The coil is easy to remove, simply lift the pod, pop out the coil and empty any left over liquid. Change the coil and refill. The 10ml bottles are recyclable and the coils are the only possible waste. This idea extends to more advanced kits, but to learn more about possible options. Simply check out our blogs! Here's one regarding beginner kits that explore both sustainable options and other more convenient options, here's our collection to starter vape-kits and lastly for those looking for more serious cloud producing kits there's a blog for that here!

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