CBD & Sex: Does CBD Make You Last Longer?

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CBD & Sex: Does CBD Make You Last Longer?

Some critical indicators of healthy sex life are proper blood flow, optimal hormonal balance, diminished stress levels and considerably lower pain levels. Any disruption or turbulence in one of these factors can lead to a dissatisfactory sex life. Recently, CBD has emerged as a potential solution to many health care challenges. As a result, researchers are now considering the possibility of adding CBD into the equation of sex life. To some, it comes as a surprise, but the guys in white coats are considering all the possibilities. Given CBD's recent surge of popularity in the medical world, it would be unwise to disregard it altogether. In this brief, we are going to search for a comprehensive answer to the question of whether or not CBD can make you last longer in bed.

Can CBD Affect Libido?

The connection of CBD and libido involves analyzing its interactions with the human body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a regulatory network that consists of receptors and neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids. CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system's receptors, thereby producing the magical effects associated with it. These effects include pain relief, insomnia relief, stress relief and CBD anti-inflammatory effects.

However, when it comes to CBD's effects on sex life, there have been contradictory studies. Some are in favor of the cannabinoid, some against it. For example, certain studies suggest that CBD products can improve libido since they relieve stress and anxiety. It is pertinent to mention here that intimacy is annexed with an insular attitude for some people. Hence, it doesn't come as a surprise that CBD improves the overall performance in the bed. On the other hand, contrasting studies suggest that CBD can lower libido levels in cannabis users, especially those who have been using the plant for a long time. It is prudent to mention that the study in question studied the effect of CBD and THC combinatorially.

Sexual Benefits of CBD

The existing research is nowhere near enough to give a crystal-clear picture of CBD's effects on a person's sex life. However, from the studies conducted so far and taking anecdotal evidence from CND users into consideration, we can paint a rough sketch of CBD sexual benefits.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers deem CBD as a vasodilator. It can improve blood circulation, which is a critical factor when it comes to the methods of bed life. An enhanced blood circulation results in a much-improved erection, which eventually translates into a longer sex duration. So, in a way, yes, CBD can make you last longer. However, this is just a theory built upon some studies investigating the potential benefits of cannabis therapies. It demands clinical validation before it can be preached and implemented.

2. Sex Drive

One of the more prominent theories you will come across in your pursuit of CBD's effects on sex life is that CBD oil can stimulate sexual desire. The proponents of this theory say that cannabis enhances sexual desire by interacting with our brains. So, going by this theory, one can say that CBD-enriched cannabis extracts might make a significant difference in the lives of people suffering from low libido issues.

3. Testosterone Levels

One of the potential health benefits associated with CBD is that it can bring back the hormonal balance in our bodies. The discussion of testosterone in this context is highly intriguing. Its balanced levels in the human body eventually translate into better sex life. The endocannabinoid systems receptors are present in reproductive organs. CBD's interaction with the receptors in testicles can boost testosterone production in the male reproductive organs. It is not all mere conjecture that reproductive health and the endocannabinoid system have an established relationship. CBD is a potential candidate for boosting fertility as well. Hence, considering all factors, CBD can undoubtedly make a difference to a person's performance in bed.

Which CBD Forms are Ideal for Sex?

One of the great things about cannabis-related products is that they are available in various forms. If one mode of consumption is not favorable for you, you can try another, another, and another. We are talking about a wide range of products, including CBD oil, capsules, edibles, topicals and vapes. Some CBD companies have seriously taken CBD's potential impact on sex life and are developing a range of products specifically designed for this purpose. However, none of these CBD products is approved by drug regulatory authorities in most countries. Hence, one must be extremely careful when choosing such products. CBD oil is one of the most popular choices. However, it is not the only choice that you can make.

How to Use CBD to Improve Sex Life?

In this section, we are going to suggest some ways in which you can use CBD oil to improve your performance in the bed. For example, before having intercourse, taking CBD oil, capsules, or any other CBD supplement can relax you. The stress and anxiety that might be building up inside a person because of the fear of intimacy can be significantly alleviated by using CBD products before sex. Similarly, clever manipulation of CBD massage oils or lotions can make foreplay even more pleasurable for both partners.

Those couples who encounter dryness during sex can use CBD lube to reduce dryness. This one will sound extremely odd, but it has worked for some, so even mention it here. In addition, some people find that using vape CBD oil shortly before having intercourse can improve sensation and diminish anxiety.


So that will be all from this brief for now. CBD's potential as a promising solution to many healthcare challenges is not hidden from anyone anymore. However, one must be extremely cautious when using CBD products since their long-term effects are still a subject of scientific studies. However, it appears that CBD can make you last longer in bed. More research is the need of the hour, but things are looking very promising at the moment. So, on that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this brief!


Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be prescriptive – please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before including CBD into your routine.

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