Lift Tickets 710 UK Wholesale Distribution

Official UK Lift Tickets Distributor!

Lift Tickets 710 are the original terpene infused papers & cones. JM Wholesale is the Official UK distributor of Lift Tickets including terpene infused cones and rolling papers. 

Lift Tickets are made from natural hemp fibres, they contain no THC and are 100% legal in the UK. The natural terpenes deliver a rolling paper that enhances the flavour of your smoke, making your CBD taste better and increase the effects.

We offer wholesale un-rolled kingsize terpene infused papers for your customers that prefer to roll their own as well as wholesale terpene infused pre-rolled cones that are ready to be filled.

Each cone comes in it a secure airtight glass storage tube that preserves the freshness and guarantees a more flavourful smoke. Rolling papers are supplied in an airtight resealable childproof bag. 

Check out the fantastic range of flavours at JM Wholesale including Sour Apple Haze, Cali Berry and Gelato 41.

More Flavours and Products are on the way...

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